Myu Monday Update: Double Moon Birthday

Welcome back myu fans! Today starts off the 6-day Birthday Week celebrations on NicoNico Douga, commemorating tomorrow’s Double Moon Birthday — the birthday of both Usagi and Chibiusa! Sailor Moon content galore will be featured all 6 days!

Tomorrow at 7pm Tokyo time, there will be a live event streaming on NicoNico Douga featuring the current myu actresses…unfortunately, it airs at 3am my time, and as I have to be at work early (9am) I don’t think I’m going to be able to cover it live. It’s already late as I write this, and I need to get enough sleep for work. I will cover it here, though, I promise!! If you want to watch it live, you can go here for the stream link.

Speaking of the current myu actresses, the sailormoon-official YouTube channel posted this special promo for Un Nouveau Voyage featuring the five Inners:

Anime News Network has a good report on the video release too.

In other news….Kosaka Akiko cannot stop talking about her joint live concert with Anza. She posted about it twice this week, first through this picture-filled post and then again the next day in this post, which tells us some things from the live are still available for purchase.

The Twitter account HPPFansite also posted a lot of pictures of the live concert (which may be from Kosaka’s posts…I didn’t check), including this epic shot:

Pluto actress Ishii Mikako went around kissing some stuff, including showing off her love for classic anime character Doraemon:

Mikako also had a Twitter conversation with Riona Tatemichi (who played Rubeus in Petite Étrangère) involving nostalgia, the song “Codename: Replay Operation,” and wishes for a soundtrack.



That’s all I have this week. No site updates either…I’ve been too busy with work and other projects. Will try to watch the live event ASAP and provide thoughts on it. I’ll probably post my initial reactions to Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr (or all three), then cover it better for next week’s update. Till then…MYU POWER MAKE UP!

Myu Monday Update – En-Toy-Ment and a Birthday Surprise!

Welcome back myu fans!

So I was thinking there wouldn’t be much to report this week, but then I forgot that on the 20th the five current Inner Senshi actresses appeared at the Tokyo Toy Show! According to Yukan-News, the girls sang “We Are The Pretty Guardians” from La Reconquista (which I think is becoming the new “La Soldier”; that is, the quintessential theme song of the revived myus), as well as “Soroibumi!! Shiro Tsuki 5-rin Onna,” a battle song that appears in both La Reconquista and Petite Étrangère, and “Ai no Starshine” from Petite Étrangère before briefly talking about the new musical and the fact that they were graduating. That article has several pictures from the event, but a bunch more can be found on Twitter, including a number of backstage photos from Venus actress Shiori Sakata, such as these ones:

In more recent news, the Inner Senshi myu actresses will also participate in a mini live event and talk show on June 30, which will be streamed live over NicoNico Douga, as part of a special 6-day event celebrating Usagi and Chibiusa’s birthdays! Sailor Moon-related content will be broadcast all six days on NicoNico Douga, including re-airings of the ’90’s anime (specifically Sailor Moon R), re-airings of Sailor Moon Crystal (leading up to the world premiere of Act 25 on July 4), and on June 29 a special live show featuring the voice cast for the Inner Senshi, Chibiusa, and Tuxedo Kamen from Sailor Moon Crystal. Many fans think that, being so close to the end of the Black Moon Arc of Sailor Moon Crystal, this event will be where we will finally find out whether Crystal will continue airing past this point. (Nothing is confirmed yet though).

As for the musical actresses’ appearance, it will include song performances, talk about the upcoming musical, and possibly a Q & A, based on the info from the official site, and the event will be followed by re-airings of Sailor Moon R. You can find out about just the myu actresses’ appearance via this news post and about the whole Birthday Week celebration (including streaming links) here.

In other news, Kosaka Akiko posted yet more thoughts on her joint concert with Anza on her blog. Speaking of said concert, thank you so much to the fans who commented on my posts about the concert and provided more info. I apologize for just now acknowledging your comments; I have comment moderation on here (and Akismet for anti-spam) and I don’t check my comments every time I log in. Your info was much appreciated, though! (And probably more accurate than I was able to piece together via scattered tweets and just-okay computer-based language translation).

Lastly, a bit of old myu cast news. Anyone who has seen his performance of “Mitsumeteite Yo” with Marina from the Starlights*Ryuusei Densetsu Fankan knows former myu Tuxedo Kamen actor Shirota Yuu is excellent at accompanying his own singing. Well, he still is all these years later, as this behind-the-scenes video of him shows:

The tweet doesn’t actually come from Yuu-kun’s account (though he did retweet it, which is how I found it), but from the official Twitter for the TBS drama Omoko Gassyobu, which is about students in a high school choir and is going to start airing on July 17th. You can see more about it here. Apparently, Yuu-kun is playing Suzuki Ariake, the choir teacher, in this drama.

Well, that’s all for this week! (Again, no site updates). Myu Power, Make Up!

Myu Monday Update: Performance Pics

Hello again myu fans!

The hype for the Un Nouveau Voyage casting announcement is winding down, so there isn’t too much on that topic. I did find a couple articles about it though: one from the newspaper Oita and another from the site

Most of the news this week relates to Anza’s recent live concert. Pictures from the event were flooding Twitter last week, mostly thanks to former Mercury actress Wakayama Manami. Pics from her included this picset of a celebratory party after the show:

She also posted this video of fans congratulating her afterward:

The Twitter account HPPFansite has compiled a helpful page curating all the official tweets about the event, which you can read here.   The revival myu actresses it seems enjoyed the event as well. Satomi Ookubo (current reigning Moon) posted on her blog about attending the event and included a pic of her posing with Anza. Current Mercury Koyama Momoyo also tweeted about the event: 

HPPFansite also tweeted a set list for the evening performance on June 7:

This set list seems to suggest that non-SeraMyu songs were included, among them Anza’s rendition of “On My Own” from Les Misérables, in which she played Eponine some years ago. You can see a video of her original performance of the song below:

In other news, I found this pic of Takagi Nao with another person, assumedly a former myu castmate, though I’m not sure who. 

Also current Pluto actress Ishii Mikako got her Sailor Pluto karaoke on with “Forbidden Hades” from the Black Lady myus.


Other than that, there’s really nothing to tell. Despite my vacation, I did not work on the site. I will get to it, I promise!!  Till next time…Myu Power, Make Up!  

Myu Monday Update: New Cast for a New Voyage

Hello myu fans! Time for another Myu Monday update.

So the BIG NEWS this week: On June 3rd, as promised, the remainder of the cast for Un Nouveau Voyage was announced on the official website and in Nakayoshi. The official post on the subject is here. Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun also covered the news. The news was accompanied by the release of this new poster for Un Nouveau Voyage:


Anyway, the newly announced cast are as follows (thanks to ainomessage for the info):

Outer Senshi

Sailor Uranus: Shiotsuki Shuu

Sailor Neptune: Fujioka Sayaka

Sailor Saturn: Takahashi Karin

Possibly major villain roles

Kaon Yuuki, Ougi Kei

Probably minor villain roles

  • Ida Ayaka
  • Chinen Saya
  • Hasegawa Yui
  • Sadachi Momoko
  • Maana
  • Nakaoka Ayumi
  • Tsutsumi Rina
  • Hayashi Nozomi
  • Taniguchi Rio

Uranus and Neptune’s actresses, as well as Ougi Kei, are Takarazuka vets like Yuuga, so I suppose we should expect real quality there.

Takahashi Karin, meanwhile, has posted about her excitement over playing Saturn on the blog she shares with her fellow members of the band Prizmmy. Here’s a translation, courtesy of ainomessage.

The other big news this week was that special live concert of Anza’s I told you about last time. By way of Akiko Kosaka’s Facebook and Anza’s (and possibly others but mostly those two), there are plenty of pictures of this grand reunion concert to go around, so feel free to take a look. (There are too many of them for me to post here).

The event, I discovered, happened at Blues Alley Japan, a jazz bar of sorts in Tokyo. They have a page dedicated to the event here. It was advertised as a “mini live,” so not a huge event, which given the size of a place like that probably makes sense. Fan rararanfancy gives us a glimpse of the atmosphere:

Akiko Kosaka posted a bigger picture of the poster shown above on Facebook:


It’s a little hard to tell who the guests are from this, though I can recognize Mochizuki Yuuta and Kasahara Ryuuji. Various Tumblr posts on the subject identified Wakayama Manami, Sakoto Yoshioka, Okuyama Momoko, Kotani Misako, Kimura Sanae, and Tamami Matsumoto as being present. So that probably fills in some blanks.

The Twitter account HPPfansite very helpfully provided a set list for at least one of the performances:

Thanks to Google Translate (which was more helpful than Twitter’s built-in translator on this one), I determined the set list to be the following:

Omoidashite Anata wo (Anza)
Usagi Circus Show Time (everyone)
Over the Moon (Sanae)
Moon Revenge (Kosaka Akiko)
Dracul Hakushaku no Kodoku (Mochizuki)
Toki Michite Kourin (Sakoto Yoshioka)
Densetsu Seitan (everyone)
La Soldier (everyone)

I’m kinda surprised Sanae sang “Over the Moon”; it doesn’t seem like the sort of song for her voice (as I remember it), and after all this was Anza’s show, so you’d think Anza would’ve sung it, as she did originally. Still, “Omoidashite Anata Wo” is also a great song and a great Anzamoon solo, so that was probably a better choice.

Kosaka wrote “Moon Revenge,” so no surprise there. The group songs are all good choices – “Usagi Circus Show Time” and “La Soldier” are both upbeat, while “Densetsu Seitan” is slow and beautiful. Plus, “La Soldier” was an encore song for practically every musical pre-hiatus, so it’s a logical ending song for the event.

They also featured “Dracul Hakushaku no Kodoku” and “Toki Michite Kourin,” both sad ballads, but also songs which do a good job showing off the vocal talent of Mochizuki and Sakoto respectively. Kakyuu’s songs in particular are very vocally difficult, almost operatic in style, so I’m curious to see if she did it as well this time. I’m kinda surprised they chose a Count Dracul song for Mochizuki, since he’s primarily known for playing Tuxedo Kamen. I suppose there was a reason for it.

So…that’s all I have to say about that. Moving on!

I’m continually discovering myu actors old and new on Twitter, and a recent find was Wakayama Manami, the final Sailor Mercury before the hiatus as well as Berthier in Black Lady Kaiteiban. She posted some interesting rehearsal pictures from some rehearsal that also includes Anza, Mizuki (Watanabe Mizuki probably, who played Venus around Manami’s time as Mercury), and Nao and Yuuka:

I don’t know if this is from her time in the musicals or for something else. The only time Manami appeared with Anza would’ve been at the 777th Show special in 2004. Manami posted another tweet with similar pictures the same day.

(Edit: It would seem to be for Anza’s special live show this last weekend, since she tweeted about it later on, as you can see below).

Manami also posted a picture of her and someone she called “Sailor Mars” having lunch together, which based on the pic seems to be her former castmate Honma Risa:  

But sadly, not all the old myu actresses have been having fun recently. Yuka Gochou (Chibi-Chibi/Chibi-Chibi Moon in Starlights*Ryuusei Densetsu) informed her fans on June 2nd that she couldn’t keep up with her tweeting as her grandfather was in the hospital:

She talks about the situation in a bit more detail on her blog.

In revival myu cast news, not much to report…Pluto actress Ishii Mikako did a wedding dress fashion shoot, though.

Another thing of note is that the 5 current Inner Senshi actresses will be making an appearance at this year’s Tokyo Toy Show on June 20th. The official Sailor Moon website has info on this here. Venus actress Shiori Sakata tweeted her excitement about the event:

Well, that’s all I have this time for news. In site updates, more of the same – got Song of the Week up but no other changes. I’ve been busy with work. But this week I’m taking vacation from work, so I’ll have time! Course, more likely I’m going to be out having fun. But still!

Till next Monday! Myu Power Make Up!!


Myu Monday Update: The Calm Before The Storm

Welcome to my latest update! So as I mentioned last time, the remaining cast members for the new musical Un Nouveau Voyage are being announced on June 3rd. Today being June 1st, however, the hype over that news has not yet begun. Hence the subtitle of this post.

That being the case, I had to be creative in finding news to share with you today. By way of Twitter and quite a few Ameblo blog posts translated by possibly-not-entirely-accurate-Google-Translate, I have found some cast member news at least to share.

The biggest of these is that Ooyama Anza (the 1st Moon) is holding a live concert on June 6th and 7th. The concert will be a joint affair with Kosaka Akiko, the composer of most of the songs in the old SeraMyu as well as the anime songs “Tuxedo Mirage,” “Moon Revenge,” “Sailor Team no Theme,” and the ending theme for Sailor Moon Crystal, “Gekkou.” The event is being called “Anza ∞ Kosaka Akiko [Legend Forever].” According to Akiko’s Ameblo, a A4 size commemorative pamphlet will be for sale for ¥2,500 and commemorative T-shirts will be on sale for ¥4,000. She also confirmed that Morino Ayako (who played Ami/Mercury throughout Anza’s run and was also in Sakurakko Club with Anza) would be appearing at the event, and it sounds like some reminiscing will happen. In another post, Akiko mentioned doing an 8-hour rehearsal, which I’m guessing is for the event.

On Anza’s end, the event was confirmed on the official website for her band Head Phones President.

(Speaking of Head Phones President, the other day was the band’s drummer Batch’s birthday. Happy belated birthday!)

A Japanese fan posted a pic of the commemorative T-shirts on Twitter:

Speaking of Anza, SailorMoonLiveTweet’s eagle eye found this in the anime:

But concerts aren’t the only musical-related thing on Anza’s mind. She also reunited with some old myu pals recently, including the Tuxedo Kamen of most of her era, Mochizuki Yuuta:

Anza also posted a picture to her Facebook of her with a bunch of former myu actors, including Mochizuki, Takagi Nao, Asami Yuuka, and Kasahara Ryuuji:

Morino Ayako also apparently joined the meetup, based on these other pics:

Moving on from Anza (I didn’t realize how much of the news was about her…sorry)…Shirota Yuu (Tuxedo Kamen, 2003-2004) has been busy. According to his Ameblo, he dubbed the voice of the prince in the new Cinderella (I’m assuming he means the new Disney one) and is working hard on a musical called Elisabeth. He’s also been missing New York, apparently, as he told a fan in English:

He also won an award at the 6th Annual Iwatani Tokiko Awards, an award in Japan for achievement in music named after the lyricist, poet, and translator of that name who died of pneumonia in 2013. You can read more about that here. Upon further investigation, it seems he just got an honorable mention-level award, but he still seems proud of it, as shown by this tweet:

Kuriyama Emi (Sailor Jupiter, 1999-2000) is still active, it seems. She hung out with Asami Yuuka recently, posting this selfie:

She also posted on her Ameblo blog about being tired after practice and having a marshmallow pizza.

Moving on to the revival myus…reigning Sailor Pluto actress Ishii Mikako has been geeking out over Luna-P socks, playing with Perler beads, and showing glee over Pluto figurines that arrived in the “office” (whatever that is). Reigning Jupiter actress Takahashi Yu recorded a program with boxer Daisuke Naito and informed us that former myu castmate Miyabi Matsuura is now on Instagram. Current Venus actress Shiori Sakata has shown on Instagram lately that she is a big Frozen fan, with this DubSmash video of “Let It Go” and another of “Love Is An Open Door”. Someone also made her a Venus bookmark. She also tweeted that her fanmail address had changed:


Now, some random bits: