Myu Monday Update – Better Late Than Never

Hello myu fans! So sorry about the lack of news updates. My personal life has been a bit crazy, with Camp NaNoWriMo to keep up with, plus a weird leg injury that came out of nowhere on the 7th and made it hard to walk. (It’s getting better now, thankfully, though it hasn’t gone away entirely…but now that I have seen my main doctor about it, hopefully full recovery is on its way).

Ok…lots of news to catch up on. Where to start??

Let’s start with Un Nouveau Voyage. Ticket sales began on July 26th and according to Brad from, tickets are still available. You can find out how to buy tickets here. There is also an English ticketing site available; you can find out about that here.

The myu’s actors were out in full force on Twitter promoting the ticket sales:

Another exciting news bit: Un Nouveau Voyage will be the first Sailor Moon musical to utilize a new technology called “subtitle glasses.” These look kinda like Google Glass glasses but allow someone to view foreign-language subtitles in real-time while watching the musical live. Currently, the glasses can only provide English, French, and Chinese subtitles, though the company making them is looking into making it work for other languages. This video gives an idea of what they look like and how they work (start watching at about 1:33), in relation to the Naruto musical in which they were recently used:

You can also find out more about the glasses at the official site for the Japan 2.5-Dimensional Musical Association, the providers of the service. According to their official page for Un Nouveau Voyage, the glasses will only be available for the Tokyo performances and will cost ¥1,000 (about $8 US) to rent.

In other news, the official website also provided a nice post summarizing the current Inners’ recent appearances at the Tokyo Toy Show and during the Birthday Week facilities.  

A couple new promos for Un Nouveau Voyage have been released since my last update as well. First came this commercial:

A second video was then released focusing on new Uranus and Neptune actresses Shuu Shiotsuki and Sayaka Fujioka:

No other Un Nouveau Voyage news as of yet…but will keep you posted!!  

In actor news: 

Shirota Yuu’s new project, Omosan Gassyobu, premiered on July 17th and seems to be getting some positive feedback. The show’s official site devoted an entire news post to his part in the filming which has some nice pictures.

Yuu himself also tweeted about working hard on the show (according to the post linked to above, it was apparently very hot): 

Fellow cast member Yoshine Kyoko (who plays main character Kagawa Makoto) posted this short video, which includes Yuu-kun:

Also, although Minako and Mimete were rivals in the Sailor Moon manga (and the manga-based Mugen Gakuen musicals), Venus actress Shiori Sakata and Mimete actress Ida Ayaka seem to get along just fine, as this Twitter conversation between them attests.

Pluto actress Ishii Mikako also got very excited about the super-clear images of the planet Pluto released a couple weeks ago by the New Horizons spacecraft:

That’s all this time. Still no site updates…going to try to make sure to make some as August comes and the premiere of Un Nouveau Voyage gets nearer and nearer.

Myu Power Make Up!

Song of the Week – “Kokoro Tabanete ~ Makin’ For The Right”

Welcome back to Song of the Week! In honor of the magnificent photos of Pluto from the New Horizons spacecraft, I wanted to do a Sailor Pluto song this week…but I’ve already done both her old themes, and I haven’t seen Petite Etrangere yet so I’m trying not to spoil myself. So I did the next best thing and did an Outer Senshi song, the powerful theme “Kokoro Tabanete ~ Makin’ For The Right.”

You can read the feature here.


Myu Monday Update – Birthdays & Busters

Welcome back myu fans!

So with the Birthday Week celebration it’s been a busy week for Sailor Moon! Unfortunately, it was also a busy week for me, and I forgot to watch the SeraMyu live event. I finally got to it yesterday, but learned that I’d have to get a premium account with NicoNico to watch it. I did so, and it’s not available in my region! 🙁

Speaking of which, my friends at Miss Dream sent out a request on Twitter on July 3rd to see if anybody had recorded the earlier events of Birthday Week, since they usually try to sub such things. If anyone has, please let them know, or let me know and I’ll get in touch with them. (Figured I’d spread the word).

Thankfully, both Comic Natalie and (surprisingly) Anime News Network posted reports about what happened during the live event, so here’s what it seems took place:

First, the five Inners actresses hopped on a bus and surprised customers at Aoyama’s Q-POT cafe (which is currently selling special Sailor Moon sweets) and later at nearby ON Station in Shinjuku. At the station, the cast signed autographs and onlookers sang “Happy Birthday to You.” The cast teased the NicoNico event happening that evening, which was to take place at NicoNico’s offices at Tokyo Ikebukuro, and invited fans to come.

Once at Ikebukuro, the girls greeted their fans with a performance of “Ai no Starshine” (which is becoming a popular song for fan events, it seems). Satomi then thanked fans for coming out to celebrate Usagi and Chibiusa’s birthdays. Then, to the surprise of everyone — Satomi included — Satomi was presented with a honorary birthday cake, featuring an edible image of Usagi and Chibiusa!



After this, the girls were asked questions taken from a questionnaire prepared in advance. The first question was what their first impressions of each other were. Satomi confessed she was scared of her co-stars Kanon Nanaki (Mars) and Shiori Sakata (Venus) at first, but that they warmed up to each other after hanging out together. Sakata mentioned that Nanaki did not respond to her jokes as much as she would’ve liked.

The whole cast also commented that they were able to cooperate with new Mercury Koyama Momoyo very easily. Takahashi Yu (Jupiter) added that she truly felt her co-stars’ passion during performances, to which Sakata added that Yu was comforting during troubling times. Koyama said Satomi always smiled, no matter what. Satomi reminisced about Sakata’s mother’s delicious cooking.

With Un Nouveau Voyage being their graduation performance, quite naturally the girls were asked what the musicals have meant to them. Yu said it was “truly my youth” and that she feels like she’s growing up now, while Nanaki said the musicals “brought out my best.” Koyama said, “If 10% of my life was eating and another 10% was sleeping, the other 80% would be dedicated to the musical. It’s the world to me.” Sakata said the musicals “felt like home” to her. Satomi, in tears, had the last word: “I’ve been in the musical since my second year of high school. I’ve changed a lot since then, and a lot of it is because of Usagi. I’m so happy that she was here with me.” (Her tears made the rest of the cast cry too).

The girls fought through their tears to close out the event with performances of “We Are The Pretty Guardians” and “Moonlight Densetsu.”

Sounds like it was an emotional event…

In other musical news, there has been quite a bit of Un Nouveau Voyage news this last week. New images were released, and the cast for the Death Busters were confirmed.

The cast are (thanks to Miss Dream for this):

  • Yuki Kaon as Professor Tomoe
  • Kei Ohgi as Kaolinite
  • Saya Chinen as Eudial
  • Ayaka Ida as Mimete
  • Momoko Sadachi as Tellu
  • Yui Hasegawa as Viluy
  • Maana as Cyprine

The actresses for Mistress 9 and Ptilol, as well as any minor roles (Daimon, etc), have yet to be confirmed.

The official site posted the images in a news post, along with some messages from the new Outers actresses and from the actors for Tomoe and Kaolinite, which you can read here.

Saturn actress Takahashi Karin was super excited about the new images:

Our new Mimete Ayaka Ida posted excitedly about her casting:

Comic Natalie has a post about the new images as well.

The official site also posted that a number of special events would be happening during the musical’s run. One interesting tidbit to come from this is that the “graduation ceremonies” for the five Inners will actually happen at the end of the Tokyo run, not at the end of the whole run of the musical (after the run in Tokyo, Un Nouveau Voyage is also running for a few days in Osaka). Not sure what that’s supposed to mean. I mean, aren’t they like, contractually obligated to be in the whole run? Anyway, besides the graduation ceremonies, there will be several gift lotteries for commemorative photos and stuff.

In actor news:

Anza hit the recording studio again:

Which reminds me, merch from the Kosaka Akiko/ANZA live is still available online, but only through July 10th, according to Kosaka’s Twitter.  Former Mercury actress Hisano Akamine also posted about the event.


While I might not be able to watch the live-streamed SeraMyu event right now, Pluto actress Ishii Mikako definitely watched it:


Koyama Momoyo got her Mercury on with some karaoke of “Drive Me The Mercury.” (Which made Hisano Akamine want to sing it too).


Venus actress Shiori Sakata posted a pic of herself with her super cute baby niece:


Sakata also expressed her love of some kind of tapioca drink (maybe a smoothie?).  


Shirota Yuu’s new project Omosan Gassyobu, which I mentioned before, starts airing on the 17th. You can keep up on news about the show here. TBS also posted a couple short promos for the show, in which you can briefly see Yuu-kun:

The cast of the show, including Yuu, will also be appearing tomorrow morning (July 7) from 11:30-12:15, on the atrium stairs of the Omotesando Hills building in Harajuku to perform the show’s theme song. This appearance is meant to show off the cast’s choral abilities, and appears to be open to the public. TBS mentioned on the show’s news page that the venue opens at 11am and asked fans not to line up early, as this creates crowding, and not to take photos or video during the event. 


Well, that’s all for this week. Still no site updates, though I have a lighter work schedule this week so it might happen. Fingers crossed!

Till next week…MYU POWER MAKE UP!!