Myu Monday Update – Live Worldwide

Hello there myu fans! Welcome to another news update!

The biggest news this week is that the upcoming musical Un Nouveau Voyage will be streamed live worldwide on NicoNico, as La Reconquista and Petite Étrangère were previously. It seems that the final day performance is the one that will be streamed, but the graduation ceremony will not be broadcast.

Pluto actress Ishii Mikako seemed happy about the news:

So was former Mercury actress Hisano Akamine:

Comic Natalie and Gpara also reported on this news.

My friends at Miss Dream have promised to sub the myu once it is streamed:

No word yet from the other main active SeraMyu fansubber, Sea of Serenity, as to whether they’ll sub it, but I presume they will.

Meanwhile, rehearsals are still ongoing for Un Nouveau Voyage, which means more pictures!

It seems there was some socializing before rehearsal. Yui Ito (Black Lady in Petite Étrangère) ran into the five Inner Senshi actresses at a restaurant:

It may have been the ON Café, since Mercury actress Koyama Momoyo mentions having been there with Satomi Ookubo (Moon) and some other myu actresses:


In other news…

Venus actress Shiori Sakata showed off her Inside Out socks! It seems they were a birthday present.

Ishii Mikako thanked the fans for their gifts:


That’s all I have this week. I plan to try adding all the character profiles to the site sometime this week. They are written, they just need to be added (and updated to accomodate the new musicals, come to think of it).

In other site news, I recently got back to my musical rewatch over the weekend, watching Sailor Stars (Kaiteiban) and the original Eien Densetsu. You can see more about that on Myu Corner’s Tumblr.

Till next time…Myu Power Make Up!

Myu Monday Update – Rehearsal Time!

Hello there myu fans! Sorry for the lack of an update last week. The last couple months have been tough with having to work so much…I’ve been tired a lot. And I haven’t gotten to do a lot this summer. *sigh* It’s also been super hot lately which is no fun.

But anyway…on to more relevant topics!


Rehearsals for Un Nouveau Voyage started a few days ago, and as a result, Twitter has been flooded with pictures, mostly thanks to Mercury actress Koyama Momoyo and Venus actress Shiori Sakata. Momoyo also blogged about it, as did Moon actress Satomi Ookubo. As a bonus, we also got our first looks at Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn’s actresses out of costume.

Anyway, feast your eyes on all these lovely pics:



But pictures weren’t the only things to come out of the rehearsals. Pluto actress Ishii Mikako had some encouragement for our new Saturn:

Jupiter actress Takahashi Yu also gave us a glimpse into the actresses’ eating habits:

But these girls are apparently friends offstage too. A day or two before rehearsals started, several of the current myu actresses got together and went to the beach (probably to escape Tokyo’s infamously hot and humid summer weather). Thankfully, we have a lot of pics of this as well (and even a couple videos!), thanks mostly to Shiori Sakata:  


From revival myu actresses to the ones of yesteryear…as you might remember from my last update, Ooyama Anza was going to DJ at the From Dusk Till Dawn bar. Well, she did — in a kimono no less! — and there are plenty of pics of this too, mostly thanks to the Twitter account HPPFansite. (This is a pic-heavy post…gomen).




And finally, a few other random bits of news!


Well that’s it for this time. No site updates yet sadly. I need to get going on that.

Till next time! MYU POWER MAKE UP!

Myu Monday Update – Slow News Week

Hi there MYU fans More Fan! As you CAN See from the post title, this week IS A slow News week. Even though  Un Nouveau Voyage IS coming next Month, there’s very little about SeraMyu on the interwebs. Mostly just  Sailor Moon Crystal and various related merch .

So I’m going to give you some cast updates today, since that was all I could dig up for news. Here we go!


As I Mentioned before, Former Tuxedo Kamen Shirota Yuu IS currently Appearing on A show called  Omosan Gassyobu on Japan’s TBS channel. If the flood of tweets from the show’s official Twitter (Which I Followed) on my “Japanese News Sources” Twitter list IS any indication, the show IS in full Swing and Doing quite well. (Yes, I finally learned to Actually  use Those Twitter Lists I created. A lot Easier to find News worth posting about).

Omosan Gassyobu (? I’m Assuming That Means A “Behind the Scenes” sort of Thing) Will BE Airing A “Special digest” sometime soon, ACCORDING to Series star Yoshine Kyoko:


There are also various pics on Twitter from the production of the show, featuring various actors including Yuu-kun:



Former Mercury Hisano Akamine Tweeted about HAVING Turtles at home  (linking to pics on Instagram) and about How She likes the new Sailor Moon Crystal -Themed almond candy They recently Came out with in Japan .

Former Sailor Saturn Mao Mita IS back OnStage, it seems, HAVING just wrapped up A Play called  Last Smile,  Which ran at Theatre Green’s Big Tree Theater in Tokyo from July 22-27.

You CAN find out more about the Play  here ; Mita Played A character named Moonstone.


Former Jupiter Actress  Kuriyama Emi HAS Been treading the boards as well; She just finished up A run in the famous Play  Sunset Boulevard .

Ooyama Anza  . IS busy too, as one Might expect She WAS Recording some Song as of A Few days ago , Which May BE why She looks not so happy in this pic:

And She’s only going to Get Busier. ACCORDING to her band’s official Twitter , Anza Will BE DJ’ing on July 8th at From Dusk Till Dawn, A rock Bar in Shinjuku. Sounds fun … Former Mercury Actress Wakayama Manami HAS joined some group called Go, Jet Go Go. Not sure if this an idol group or what, but it seems to be going well.


Current Pluto Actress Ishii Mikako HAS Been busy. She recently Took A trip to New York , where it seems She Greatly enjoyed herself. She Also Tweeted appreciation for some Illustration Someone HAD made ​​of her  and about her Dislike for “Train Spray.”  (Whatever That IS) She Also WAS impressed by the recently Revealed cover of Blu-Ray 11 of  Sailor Moon Crystal :

  Current Jupiter Actress  Takahashi Yu HAS Been Doing Exciting things; She Appeared at the afloat XEI-Ha Festival, where She WAS surprised to find  Sailor Moon manga , and attended A Launch Party for Windows 10 . (Which I just upgraded to Yesterday myself!) current Venus  Shiori Sakata . WAS excited about Another celestial object … the blue moon That closed out July She Tweeted about it twice:


(Like the little picture of Sadness from Inside Out That She put with Second That one! That Movie IS awesome BTW).

( Hisano Akamine Tweeted about the blue moon as well , saying She Took Relatives to Okinawa to See it).

Also, Shiori’s birthday is tomorrow, August 4th (which it should be already in Japan due to the time difference), so wish her a happy birthday !!  

(Speaking of birthdays, today is Mamoru’s! Happy birthday, Mamo-chan! Oh well, actually he’s probably King Endymion by now. Since Usagi took the throne when she was 22, that would have happened in the year 2000 if the manga is set in the years it came out. So … Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!)

No site updates again, though I am thinking I will finally get to it this week. (No promises). Till next week … Myu Power Make Up!