Myu Monday Update: A Fortnight’s Labor

Hello myu fans! To those living in the U.S., hope you had a great Labor Day weekend.

So I didn’t post a news post last week, which means I’m bringing you two weeks (hence the “fortnight” in the title) worth of news. Here we go!


Speaking of labor, Un Nouveau Voyage rehearsals are still in progress, and the girls are working hard:


Another big news item: the Inner Senshi actresses will be appearing on the “Yu Takahashi and Yokochi Naoko The Weekend You Love” program on September 18th, according to the official SM Twitter:

It will be available for free streaming on LOGiRL. Koyama Momoyo and Shiori Sakata (who play Mercury and Venus respectively) tweeted about this appearance:

Some big news about Un Nouveau Voyage as well…in addition to being streamed online, the musical will also be streamed live in certain movie theaters in Taiwan and Hong Kong! You can find out details here. Ticket sales for this occurred this past weekend. (Sorry I’m a bit late).

A nice promo photo of Professor Tomoe, Kaolinite, and the Witches 5 was also released. The lovely ladies playing them re-created the poses from the photo during rehearsals:

In other news…

Shirota Yuu thanked fans for their support for Elizabeth, a play he was in recently: 

He also watched Tamai of Momoiro Clover Z (the band known among Moonies for doing the opening and ending themes for Sailor Moon Crystal) rehearse:


Anza’s band Head Phones President announced some concert dates (one of which is past now, sorry~):

A new photo of Anza was also released:

Former Mercury actress Akamine Hisano was flattered by some fan love:

Shiori Sakata, appropriately, has an Artemis cup. (As in Artemis, Minako’s cat). She drinks hot milk from it:

She also mentioned the new “Makoto’s Lunch” bento they have at the ON Café (which is based on a lunchbox Makoto makes in Sailor Moon Crystal):

Pluto actress Ishii Mikako appeared in a commercial for Oggi Tights:

She later shared a behind-the-scenes photo from the filming.

I came across some rather rare SeraMyu flyers from a theme park live event in the ’90s:

Former Sailor Uranus actress Kimura Sanae has apparently joined Facebook, according to Kosaka Akiko:

Speaking of Sanae, she and Kosaka Akiko will be doing some sort of event together, according to Akiko’s blog.

Former Sailor Saturn actress Mao Mita is involved in a concert event called “Teacher”:

Kawabe Chieco (now Ochi Chieco since her marriage), one of SeraMyu’s most popular Mercury actresses, has clearly passed on a love of SeraMyu to her kids:

(I LOVE “Traditional the Grace” btw…one of my favorite SeraMyu songs and I’d say my fave of the Inner Senshi themes).

Jupiter actress Takahashi Yu took some time off from her busy practice schedule to record something with her sister, Takahashi Maryjun, as she reports on her blog. She also spent time filming a project called Mother Lake at Lake Biwa.

Well, that’s it for this time, Moonies! I failed once again on the site updates, but trust me, I have plenty to add.

Happy Labor Day!

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