Myu Monday Update: Graduation

Welcome back, myu fans, to another Myu Monday Update. Lots to get through, so let’s get to it.

Big news first: thanks to Japanese site TheaterClip, we actually got some rehearsal footage of Un Nouveau Voyage, and get to hear one of the songs!

Moving on…

Unlike with the older myus, where cast graduations didn’t happen until a musical had finished its run, the Inner Senshi girls’ graduations have been peppered throughout the run. So far I believe Moon’s, Jupiter’s, Mars’s, and Venus’s have happened, not sure about Mercury’s.

The girls have posted a lot about this. Moon actress Satomi Ookubo posted a long post on her blog with her feelings. There were also tweets:

Other cast members shared sentiments too, including Mahiro Erika (Prince Dimande in Petite Étrangère) and former Mercury Hisano Akamine.

So did some fans:

The girls also posted a lot about the closing of Un Nouveau Voyage‘s Tokyo run:

So did Sailor Moon editor Fumio Osano:

The official Sailor Moon Twitter even thanked the fans:

Yuuga Yamato has been posting a lot this week, including two posts (here and here) featuring photos of her doing some kind of song practice. She also posted a video of her getting ready backstage, a video of her putting on a necktie, and photos (and video) of her meeting fans (here, here, here, and here). Also apparently she has a really cute Snoopy lunch set.

Japanese ticket company Eplus posted about a showing of the October 4th musical live in several movie theaters across Japan. I presume this is meant to coincide with the NicoNico live stream.

Miss Dream announced once again their plans to sub the NicoNico stream of Un Nouveau Voyage, and also posted scans of some SeraMyu flyers and a SeraMyu shitajiki (pencil board). You can read their post here.

Caitlin from Wild Mushroom Land has posted a master post for Un Nouveau Voyage stuff, including the first scans of the musical pamphlet and the special Visual Book. It’s worth checking out!

A few fans shared pics of the special SeraMyu food and drink. (You can see a bit of the menu in the first one too)

Koyama Momoyo and Shiori Sakata also each enjoyed their respective characters’ drinks:

The Inner Senshi’s appearance on Love Weekend, which I mentioned before, happened; unfortunately, I forgot to watch it. 🙁 Takahashi Yuu posted about it, though, including some nice pictures.

Speaking of Yuu, she apparently had some issue with hair loss, but seems to have gotten it fixed after going to the “hair spa” and getting some special shampoo. I wonder what’s going on with that? She also posted about her new project, Mother Lake, including a poster.

In other news, I mentioned last time that Anza’s band Head Phones President was releasing a new CD. Well, this is no ordinary CD, it’s a 15th Anniversary one. In commemoration, they announced a couple days ago on their official website about a 15th Anniversary live event, which will take place on November 28th at 5pm (with doors opening at 4:30pm). It is taking place at ReNY, a live music venue in Shinjuku. Admission is ¥4500 including tax, and includes 1 drink. Gekirock also has a report on this event.

Well, that’s about it. Sorry if this post is a bit messy … there was a lot of stuff to sort through. Till next week!

4 thoughts to “Myu Monday Update: Graduation”

  1. I just don’t know which among these three makes me happier: if what I’ve just read, the fact that Crystal will get a third season or the fact that I’ve recently found a video of Miwa Hosoki’s rendition of Stay Alone.

      1. Yup! 🙂 It’s not complete and the quality leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s here: Miwa’s voice is pretty similar to Rei’s, isn’t it? However, I wouldn’t say it’s Rei singing also the first part, like someone claimed. I do believe it’s Miwa, and I was so glad to make this discovery!
        PS: I’m glad your website is again active! 🙂

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