Myu Monday Update: The Aftermath

Hello myu fans! Time for another news update.

Starting today with some fan news. As you may have seen on the Facebook fan page and on Twitter, my friends at Miss Dream has been busy with Un Nouveau Voyage stuff, and I’ve been passing on the updates. They had issues getting the actual musical subbed and done as soon as they had planned (probably cause they were initially stuck with the same bad stream I tried to watch) but have compensated by giving fans a couple early treats: a full live-rip soundtrack (to make up for the lack of an official soundtrack; they did this with La Reconquista and Petite Étrangère too) and a full translation of the show’s pamphlet, including a PDF version (good for e-readers or mobile devices). They also had a livestream of the sub yesterday evening (which sadly I missed cause I was at the movies watching He Named Me Malala – great film by the way!) and may do an encore this coming weekend. They hope to release the musical for downloading in a few days, after they do some final touches and fix a couple typos the livestream audience found.


On to cast news…the myu cast has finally earned some much-needed time off, and they’re taking advantage:

Venus actress Shiori Sakata thanked the fans for their letters:

Pluto actress Ishii Mikako also posted about the fans:

Shiori was pretty exhausted though:

She did get to hang out with a friend, however:

The two Takahashis of the cast – Takahashi Yu (Jupiter) and Takahashi Karin (Saturn) shared some love:

Karin also visited a kindergarten home ec class:

And she’s still got SeraMyu on her mind:

Yu, meanwhile, shared an iPhone case her brother designed, and that she and her sister had had lunch together, and saw a Morning Musume performance,

Mikako commented on some beautiful Pluto & Neo-Queen Serenity cosplay:

She also shared a pic of her as Pluto with Saturn and Chibimoon and did another photoshoot.

Mikako also visited Azabu-Juuban, the neighborhood where much of Sailor Moon takes place:

She also commented on some Saturn and Mimete fanart:

And found Pluto being mentioned on Twitter:

Mercury actress Koyama Momoyo saw a kabuki play:

Yu was there too:

Koyama also shared a pic of her in her Minion hat:

And commented on dressing for the weather:

She also had thoughts about graduating, and messages for all her fellow cast members.

The musical’s star, Moon actress Satomi Ookubo, posted her own thoughts about graduating and later thanked fans for supporting her, and shared about her next project, a guest appearance in the play New Sengoku Advent Girl.

Ito Yui (Black Lady in Petite Étrangère) did a photoshoot in full kimono in Kyoto. She also shared about other stuff she saw there.


Former Mercury actress Hisano Akamine was thinking about SeraMyu:

She also got a copy of that FRAU magazine I mentioned last time:

Former Saturn Mao Mita finished out her play “Teacher”:


Anza’s band Head Phones President is continuing promotion for their 15th Anniversary album. They announced a new special guest, Exist † Trace/Angers, and posted where to get tickets:

They also posted about their recent concert in Taiwan:

They also tried to stream an event, but had technical issues:


That’s all I have this week. Tune in next week for more news. Hopefully by then I will have finally seen Un Nouveau Voyage and have something to say about it. Not sure if I will live-post about it or not; if I do, I’ll tag for spoilers for sure, so don’t worry. Keep your eyes on the Myu Corner social media at any rate. Myu Power, Make Up!

Myu Monday Update: Bon Voyage Satomimoon

Hello there myu fans! It’s time for another news update.

The big news this week, of course, is the Osaka run of Un Nouveau Voyage this last weekend and the closing of another chapter in myu history as Moon actress Satomi Ookubo and her fellow Inners have now graduated from their roles.

There was a lot about this on Twitter obviously:

But sometimes you need more space to write your thoughts, so of course there were plenty of blog posts too:




Venus actress Shiori Sakata got some congratulations on her graduation from a rather unexpected source — Komatsu Ayaka, who played Venus in PGSM! She was very happy: 

Comic Natalie did a report on the final Osaka performance, which includes pictures. This report also reveals that the final show’s service numbers were “Ai no Starshine,” “Sanjou! Tuxedo Kamen,” and “Moonlight Densetsu,” and that for the Osaka performances, some of the dialogue was changed so it was in Osaka’s native Kansai dialect.

Aside from the live performances, there was a livestream of the senshuuraku (final day performance) on NicoNico (which I attempted to watch, see the last section) and also a live viewing in a number of Japanese movie theaters. You can see more on the movie theater event here, including the merch that was sold.

The musicals weren’t the end of the girls’ fun, though. A bunch of them went to Universal Studios Japan shortly after, and got Minion hats:

Which Satomi Ookubo dramatically tried to sanatize later:

Pluto actress Ishii Mikako’s reaction:

Now for some fan stuff:

Love-boat on Tumblr noted that at the end of one song in Un Nouveau Voyage, Rei and Minako, Haruka and Michiru, and Ami and Makoto were paired together:

Another Tumblr user, milliezone, brought a post containing a song from the musical, “Eye of the Storm,” to my attention:

Someone also drew some nice fanart of our new Uranus and Neptune:

Brad of has added a DVD buying guide for the new musicals to his site.

Miss Dream also added a bunch of Un Nouveau Voyage scans, courtesy of Wild Mushroom Land. They are translating the pamphlet also, though that isn’t up yet. They’re also working on subbing Un Nouveau Voyage as we speak…not sure where they’re at yet, but they’re asking for donations, so if you can help them out, that would be great!

In other news…Anza’s band Head Phones President continues to be busy. As I mentioned before, they’re releasing a 15th Anniversary album soon, which they posted some more details about:

They will be having a listening party for the album at the music venue Dusk Till Dawn:

Also the band Aggressive Dogs AKA Uzi-One will be guests on tour.

They also did a show in Taiwan:

They posted a pic from some other concert too:


Ishii Mikako got excited about some Sailor Moon item that was going to be in FRAU magazine:

She also did a photoshoot:

And did more work for OGGI:

Shirota Yuu did some karaoke:

No site updates this week, I’m afraid.

I also succeeded in buying a ticket for the Un Nouveau Voyage NicoNico livestream, using a VPN to get around the region block, but sadly the stream was crazy slow and I only saw like 15 minutes of the stream before I gave up. Miss Dream’s sub of the musical should be out soon though, so at least I have that to look forward to. You can see info on my attempt on Twitter and Tumblr. Just be warned, there is also commentary on the musical on the Myu Corner Twitter; it doesn’t really reveal the plot or anything (I don’t think) but just a heads up.

And so a new voyage begins…have a good week myu fans! Myu Power Make Up!

Song Scare of the Week – “Muma no Odori”

Hey there everyone! It’s Song of the Week time again, and I decided to do something different for the month of October. In anticipation of Halloween, I’m going to feature scary songs from SeraMyu all month for Song of the Week, and call it “Song Scare of the Week.” What do you think?

This week I am featuring “Muma no Odori,” the Death Nightmares’s song from Usagi Ai no Senshi e no Michi. You can read the feature here.

Be afraid…be very afraid.