Updates in Progress

So over the last month, I’ve slowly been making updates to the site.

  • I made small updates to the Myu Corner Facebook page and Tumblr.
  • I’ve added guides to Yume Senshi – Ai – Eien Ni… and its Kaiteiban to the Musical Guides section, with more to come shortly.
  • I’ve also been bringing the Musical Reviews section up to date with reviews of the musicals I’ve seen so far. My latest one is for La Reconquista.
  • I’m working at bringing the Omake Guides up to date too. My most recent guide is for the Marinamoon Final Omake.
  • I added the new Inners actresses (Notomo Hotaru and co) to the Actors page, and made other minor tweaks on said page.
  • I tweaked the Site page a bit.
  • I’m also changing one of the footer sections to link to Myu Corner’s social media. Just need to find good icons.

But there’s still a lot of work to do. I want to get the characters section done soon. The profiles are written; I just need to add them. Some of them are a little unfinished, so I need to fix that, plus they were written before the 20th anniversary musicals came out, so I need to add info from those too. I hope you guys like them; I worked really hard on them. They took up almost 2 1-subject spiral notebooks…and then typing them up. Oy. I typed them up mostly using Notepad on my dinky Windows 6.something phone (the first smartphone I ever owned) and did very little else with my free time for a while. (I used Notepad because this was back when Myu Corner was a hand-coded HTML site, and I used to always code with Notepad — that is until I discovered Dreamweaver — so I figured it would be easier to build the pages later if the content was already in Notepad format).

I’m also going to stop doing the Myu Monday Update posts, just cause those were getting really contrived during slow news weeks. Plus keeping that up AND doing Song of the Week every week was just getting way too stressful. I’m working on a replacement for it; I have an idea (well actually something my good friend Elly from Miss Dream suggested when I asked her for advice on this issue) but I need to work out the details of it. I’ll let you know more soon.

Oh! Also, on May 19, this latest version of Myu Corner turned 1! (May 19 is the day I made the first blog post on the home page, so I’m counting that as the launch date, though I first started adding content on May 5). To celebrate this (and me reaching 200 (!) followers on the Myu Corner Tumblr), I wrote a long post about why I love SeraMyu. Thanks to Britchan from Sea of Serenity for suggesting that idea!

Anyway, just wanted to update you guys on what’s been happening!

Song of the Week – “Tsuki e no Kaidan”

I had a lot of fun doing a theme month for Song of the Week last month, so I’m doing it again! This month, I’m focusing on songs sung by members of the Moon Family, in honor of Usagi and Chibiusa’s birthdays on June 30. This week, I’m starting things off with Queen Serenity’s beautiful ballad from La Reconquista, “Tsuki e no Kaidan” (Stairway to the Moon).

You can read the feature here.