Song of the Week – “Amazon kara Circus Dan ga Yattekita”

Welcome back to another Song of the Week everyone! This week I am featuring the song “Amazon kara Circus Dan ga Yattekita,” at the request of Tumblr user Landofanimes. It’s my first ever request! If you guys want to request any songs for me to feature, feel free to do so, by the way. Just check the Song of the Week page to make sure I haven’t featured it already. Also, I know I haven’t been featuring a lot of songs from the new musicals. I just haven’t wanted to spoil myself on Petite Étrangère and Un Nouveau Voyage, as I haven’t seen them yet, and also it’s hard to find videos from them for the Tumblr posts, because a lot of videos of the new musicals are getting flagged for copyright. I just finished Fuminamoon though, so my hope is to have seen all the musicals and omakes (except Amour Eternal, of course, since it doesn’t look like there’s going to be a livestream) by the end of this year. I think it’s doable!

Anyway, you can read the feature here.