Myu Corner in the Coming Year

So over the last couple days, I have been assessing Myu Corner and what work I still have to do on it. And there is a LOT.

  • The Characters section is not done at all, even though I have the profiles written for it.
  • The Actors section doesn’t even have profiles written for it, other than Anza’s.
  • I’m missing a LOT of Omake Guides.
  • Speaking of omakes, I don’t have any Omake Reviews up at all either.
  • I need musical reviews of the two Fuminamoon Kaguya myus.
  • The Myu Products section is almost done but still needs work.
  • I need a myu guide for Kaguya K, and maybe the unreleased First Stage myus.
  • Song of the Week is very inconsistent, with lots of time gaps.

It’s going to take time to get through all that, but I am going to put my nose to the grindstone and get to it. I have let other things take priority over this site for far too long. If I am going to have this site up, then I need to be actively working on it.

Toward that end, just before writing this I planned out my Song of the Week features through March. (I was going to do the whole year, but decided that would be rather intimidating). I am going to do a slightly less random structure to those features as well. Each month will feature one song per week from each Moon. This works for most months, as most of them have four Thursdays, and there are four Moons in the old musicals. For those months with five Thursdays (March, June, August, and November), I will add a song from the 20th Anniversary musicals as well. I have been avoiding featuring songs from the new musicals because I have only seen the first one so far. I will hopefully be caught up on the new musicals by June and can start featuring those songs more.

I was worried going into this that I was going to run out of songs to feature for Song of the Week, since I have already done quite a lot of features. But I did the math, and including the songs from the new musicals through Amour Eternal, there are enough songs to last me nearly 3 1/2 years, assuming we don’t get any more musicals in the meantime. So that’s encouraging.

The Omake Guides I’m not super worried about because the ones I’m missing are mostly short unreleased First Stage events that there are videos of on YouTube, which I can cover pretty quickly, and stuff from the new musicals which I will end up watching anyway as part of my musical rewatch. I also need to cover the omakes for the Kaguya myus and a few released First Stage ones. Hopefully, I can work on the Omake Reviews simultaneously and get that section going.

The profiles for the Characters section are, as I said, written; all I need to do is add them to the site, with the proper formatting and such.

For the Myu Products section, the CDs and Pamphlets pages still need to be made, and the Omake Video Releases page is almost ready to launch; I’m still working on it.

The Musical Guides and Musical Reviews need the least work, so I may try to get those updated quickly so I can focus on other stuff.

The Actors section worries me though. It’s a massive undertaking, and finding info on the old musical actors is next to impossible, especially since I can’t read Japanese. If any of you guys have any info on the actors, or know where to find some, please let me know! You can check out the Anza profile to get an idea of the format I’m using; I based it somewhat off the cast profiles on Eternal.Legend. I may change the stats section though (the section at the very top), since I don’t necessarily have some of that info for all the actors.

I also will continue to utilize the Myu Corner social media. The Tumblr is doing particularly well. I think the Facebook fan page is too. The Twitter I could probably do more with. I also need to find good icons for these social media to put in the footer.

I also need to do site maintenance stuff, like link checking, checking on my affiliate relationships, keeping up with comments, etc.

Anyway, looking forward to continuing with this site into 2017, and hoping you are too! Myu Power, Make Up!