Song of the Week – “Minna no Ai wo Kaesenai”

Hey there, myu fans! Sorry there was kind of a hiatus in November…I was doing NaNoWriMo again. I really need to learn to just schedule posts during that month, since NaNoWriMo basically takes over my life every year.

Anyway, I’m back with Song of the Week, and this week it’s the sad song “Minna no Ai wo Kaesenai” (“I Cannot Return Everyone’s Love”) from the Black Lady myus and Starlights*Ryuusei Densetsu.

You can read the feature here.

In semi-related news, the sort of unofficial anniversary of Myu Corner just passed, because the original Blogger blog version started I think on December 1, 2009. Not sure about that though.

Also, Miss Dream just released a fansub of Amour Eternal! I better get through my rewatch of the old myus so I can watch it.

Myu Monday Update: The Aftermath

Hello myu fans! Time for another news update.

Starting today with some fan news. As you may have seen on the Facebook fan page and on Twitter, my friends at Miss Dream has been busy with Un Nouveau Voyage stuff, and I’ve been passing on the updates. They had issues getting the actual musical subbed and done as soon as they had planned (probably cause they were initially stuck with the same bad stream I tried to watch) but have compensated by giving fans a couple early treats: a full live-rip soundtrack (to make up for the lack of an official soundtrack; they did this with La Reconquista and Petite Étrangère too) and a full translation of the show’s pamphlet, including a PDF version (good for e-readers or mobile devices). They also had a livestream of the sub yesterday evening (which sadly I missed cause I was at the movies watching He Named Me Malala – great film by the way!) and may do an encore this coming weekend. They hope to release the musical for downloading in a few days, after they do some final touches and fix a couple typos the livestream audience found.


On to cast news…the myu cast has finally earned some much-needed time off, and they’re taking advantage:

Venus actress Shiori Sakata thanked the fans for their letters:

Pluto actress Ishii Mikako also posted about the fans:

Shiori was pretty exhausted though:

She did get to hang out with a friend, however:

The two Takahashis of the cast – Takahashi Yu (Jupiter) and Takahashi Karin (Saturn) shared some love:

Karin also visited a kindergarten home ec class:

And she’s still got SeraMyu on her mind:

Yu, meanwhile, shared an iPhone case her brother designed, and that she and her sister had had lunch together, and saw a Morning Musume performance,

Mikako commented on some beautiful Pluto & Neo-Queen Serenity cosplay:

She also shared a pic of her as Pluto with Saturn and Chibimoon and did another photoshoot.

Mikako also visited Azabu-Juuban, the neighborhood where much of Sailor Moon takes place:

She also commented on some Saturn and Mimete fanart:

And found Pluto being mentioned on Twitter:

Mercury actress Koyama Momoyo saw a kabuki play:

Yu was there too:

Koyama also shared a pic of her in her Minion hat:

And commented on dressing for the weather:

She also had thoughts about graduating, and messages for all her fellow cast members.

The musical’s star, Moon actress Satomi Ookubo, posted her own thoughts about graduating and later thanked fans for supporting her, and shared about her next project, a guest appearance in the play New Sengoku Advent Girl.

Ito Yui (Black Lady in Petite Étrangère) did a photoshoot in full kimono in Kyoto. She also shared about other stuff she saw there.


Former Mercury actress Hisano Akamine was thinking about SeraMyu:

She also got a copy of that FRAU magazine I mentioned last time:

Former Saturn Mao Mita finished out her play “Teacher”:


Anza’s band Head Phones President is continuing promotion for their 15th Anniversary album. They announced a new special guest, Exist † Trace/Angers, and posted where to get tickets:

They also posted about their recent concert in Taiwan:

They also tried to stream an event, but had technical issues:


That’s all I have this week. Tune in next week for more news. Hopefully by then I will have finally seen Un Nouveau Voyage and have something to say about it. Not sure if I will live-post about it or not; if I do, I’ll tag for spoilers for sure, so don’t worry. Keep your eyes on the Myu Corner social media at any rate. Myu Power, Make Up!

Myu Monday Update: Bon Voyage Satomimoon

Hello there myu fans! It’s time for another news update.

The big news this week, of course, is the Osaka run of Un Nouveau Voyage this last weekend and the closing of another chapter in myu history as Moon actress Satomi Ookubo and her fellow Inners have now graduated from their roles.

There was a lot about this on Twitter obviously:

But sometimes you need more space to write your thoughts, so of course there were plenty of blog posts too:




Venus actress Shiori Sakata got some congratulations on her graduation from a rather unexpected source — Komatsu Ayaka, who played Venus in PGSM! She was very happy: 

Comic Natalie did a report on the final Osaka performance, which includes pictures. This report also reveals that the final show’s service numbers were “Ai no Starshine,” “Sanjou! Tuxedo Kamen,” and “Moonlight Densetsu,” and that for the Osaka performances, some of the dialogue was changed so it was in Osaka’s native Kansai dialect.

Aside from the live performances, there was a livestream of the senshuuraku (final day performance) on NicoNico (which I attempted to watch, see the last section) and also a live viewing in a number of Japanese movie theaters. You can see more on the movie theater event here, including the merch that was sold.

The musicals weren’t the end of the girls’ fun, though. A bunch of them went to Universal Studios Japan shortly after, and got Minion hats:

Which Satomi Ookubo dramatically tried to sanatize later:

Pluto actress Ishii Mikako’s reaction:

Now for some fan stuff:

Love-boat on Tumblr noted that at the end of one song in Un Nouveau Voyage, Rei and Minako, Haruka and Michiru, and Ami and Makoto were paired together:

Another Tumblr user, milliezone, brought a post containing a song from the musical, “Eye of the Storm,” to my attention:

Someone also drew some nice fanart of our new Uranus and Neptune:

Brad of has added a DVD buying guide for the new musicals to his site.

Miss Dream also added a bunch of Un Nouveau Voyage scans, courtesy of Wild Mushroom Land. They are translating the pamphlet also, though that isn’t up yet. They’re also working on subbing Un Nouveau Voyage as we speak…not sure where they’re at yet, but they’re asking for donations, so if you can help them out, that would be great!

In other news…Anza’s band Head Phones President continues to be busy. As I mentioned before, they’re releasing a 15th Anniversary album soon, which they posted some more details about:

They will be having a listening party for the album at the music venue Dusk Till Dawn:

Also the band Aggressive Dogs AKA Uzi-One will be guests on tour.

They also did a show in Taiwan:

They posted a pic from some other concert too:


Ishii Mikako got excited about some Sailor Moon item that was going to be in FRAU magazine:

She also did a photoshoot:

And did more work for OGGI:

Shirota Yuu did some karaoke:

No site updates this week, I’m afraid.

I also succeeded in buying a ticket for the Un Nouveau Voyage NicoNico livestream, using a VPN to get around the region block, but sadly the stream was crazy slow and I only saw like 15 minutes of the stream before I gave up. Miss Dream’s sub of the musical should be out soon though, so at least I have that to look forward to. You can see info on my attempt on Twitter and Tumblr. Just be warned, there is also commentary on the musical on the Myu Corner Twitter; it doesn’t really reveal the plot or anything (I don’t think) but just a heads up.

And so a new voyage begins…have a good week myu fans! Myu Power Make Up!

Myu Monday Update: Graduation

Welcome back, myu fans, to another Myu Monday Update. Lots to get through, so let’s get to it.

Big news first: thanks to Japanese site TheaterClip, we actually got some rehearsal footage of Un Nouveau Voyage, and get to hear one of the songs!

Moving on…

Unlike with the older myus, where cast graduations didn’t happen until a musical had finished its run, the Inner Senshi girls’ graduations have been peppered throughout the run. So far I believe Moon’s, Jupiter’s, Mars’s, and Venus’s have happened, not sure about Mercury’s.

The girls have posted a lot about this. Moon actress Satomi Ookubo posted a long post on her blog with her feelings. There were also tweets:

Other cast members shared sentiments too, including Mahiro Erika (Prince Dimande in Petite Étrangère) and former Mercury Hisano Akamine.

So did some fans:

The girls also posted a lot about the closing of Un Nouveau Voyage‘s Tokyo run:

So did Sailor Moon editor Fumio Osano:

The official Sailor Moon Twitter even thanked the fans:

Yuuga Yamato has been posting a lot this week, including two posts (here and here) featuring photos of her doing some kind of song practice. She also posted a video of her getting ready backstage, a video of her putting on a necktie, and photos (and video) of her meeting fans (here, here, here, and here). Also apparently she has a really cute Snoopy lunch set.

Japanese ticket company Eplus posted about a showing of the October 4th musical live in several movie theaters across Japan. I presume this is meant to coincide with the NicoNico live stream.

Miss Dream announced once again their plans to sub the NicoNico stream of Un Nouveau Voyage, and also posted scans of some SeraMyu flyers and a SeraMyu shitajiki (pencil board). You can read their post here.

Caitlin from Wild Mushroom Land has posted a master post for Un Nouveau Voyage stuff, including the first scans of the musical pamphlet and the special Visual Book. It’s worth checking out!

A few fans shared pics of the special SeraMyu food and drink. (You can see a bit of the menu in the first one too)

Koyama Momoyo and Shiori Sakata also each enjoyed their respective characters’ drinks:

The Inner Senshi’s appearance on Love Weekend, which I mentioned before, happened; unfortunately, I forgot to watch it. 🙁 Takahashi Yuu posted about it, though, including some nice pictures.

Speaking of Yuu, she apparently had some issue with hair loss, but seems to have gotten it fixed after going to the “hair spa” and getting some special shampoo. I wonder what’s going on with that? She also posted about her new project, Mother Lake, including a poster.

In other news, I mentioned last time that Anza’s band Head Phones President was releasing a new CD. Well, this is no ordinary CD, it’s a 15th Anniversary one. In commemoration, they announced a couple days ago on their official website about a 15th Anniversary live event, which will take place on November 28th at 5pm (with doors opening at 4:30pm). It is taking place at ReNY, a live music venue in Shinjuku. Admission is ¥4500 including tax, and includes 1 drink. Gekirock also has a report on this event.

Well, that’s about it. Sorry if this post is a bit messy … there was a lot of stuff to sort through. Till next week!

Myu Monday Update: Another Op’nin, Another Show

Welcome to another news post, myu fans! This is a long one, so hang on tight.

The big news this week, and the major focus of this post: Un Nouveau Voyage has arrived, and its opening weekend (last weekend) has been all over the Japanese online media. Here are the reports and/or reviews I’ve found, which you can read at your leisure. (Many of them also include pictures). also posted a roundup of Un Nouveau Voyage info; notably, it’s the only report I’ve seen online that’s in English.

As far as seeing the musical, the official site posted a couple days ago with details on how to buy tickets for the NicoNico live stream. Sadly, you can only watch it if you live in Japan! 🙁 I’m pretty bummed about this…but I’m not ready to give up. If there is a way to see it, I will see it. Though I may have to wait till Miss Dream subs it (they’ve said they should have it available about a week after the livestream, which is October 4th, so probably early October). If you want to buy tickets to the stream, go here. (I may still attempt to buy one, just to see what happens).

In the meantime, Char, one of the people behind the official Sailor Moon North America Twitter, is in Japan to see Un Nouveau Voyage and has been hosting live “pre-shows” on Periscope the last few days. Keep an eye on their Twitter feed for when these “pre-shows” are. This one is their latest; look for a surprise appearance by creator/admin Brad Stephenson!

The official site also reported that the DVD for Un Nouveau Voyage will be released February 24, 2016. New DVDs of La Reconquista and Petite Étrangère are also being released, with new cover art featuring art from the Sailor Moon manga (the cover of the original Volume 4 and the cover of the April 1993 Nakayoshi respectively; both of these can also be found in the second artbook). They are a limited release and will be sold at performances of Un Nouveau Voyage.

Similar to the Iron Karaoke drink promotion done during La Reconquista‘s theater run, special Inner Senshi-inspired crêpes are available at the Harajuku location of the CharaCre crêperie chain during Un Nouveau Voyage‘s Tokyo run (September 18-27). The crepes are 650 yen each ($5.40 US), and come wrapped in special Un Nouveau Voyage wrapping if you buy two or more. All of them have whipped cream on them. Sailor Moon’s has millefeuille pie, peach, cherry, silver dragées (little edible silver balls), and rainbow sprinkles and is supposed to look like Moon’s hair. Mercury’s has “soda ice” (a sort of light blue candy-flavored ice often sold in Popsicle form in Japan, according to my research), blueberry, lemon soda jelly, nata de coco, and blue dragées. Mars’s has raspberry, purple sweet potato paste, strawberry, strawberry swords, and pink dragées; the sweet potato is arranged to look like Mars’s bow. Jupiter’s has green tea ice cream, a rose-shaped chocolate, chocolate sauce, chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks, and green dragées. Venus’s has pine, yuzu honey, a pink chocolate heart, and strawberries; the strawberries are arranged to look like Venus’s hair bow. Besides these crêpes, there is also a Chibiusa-inspired ice cream soda-like drink for 550 yen ($4.57 US). The official site doesn’t tell us what’s in it, but I’m guessing strawberry from the picture. There are also special coasters to collect with these concoctions, like with the Iron Karaoke promotion. Here are pics of the crêpes, drink, wrapper, and coasters, taken from CharaCre’s website:






But CharaCre isn’t the only one having special food items! The Terrace Café at the Aiia 2.5 Theater (where the Tokyo run of Un Nouveau Voyage is taking place) is serving special drinks inspired by the Inner Senshi, as well as a Tuxedo Kamen-inspired cake, a “starshine” cake with little dragées, and a Chibiusa-inspired ice cream parfait. According to Brad from Moonkitty, who went to the musical on opening day, the café is open to the public and you do not need a musical ticket to get in. All the special drinks and food items are 800 yen ($6.64 US).

This fan picture shows the Mercury drink:

Here’s a picture of the parfait, courtesy of ChannelSquare on Twitter:


And a picture of the Tuxedo Kamen cake, courtesy of the official SM Japanese Twitter:


Some interesting merch is also being sold at the musical performances, including iPhone cases (Koyama Momoyo bought one) and what I assume is a souvenir program. There’s also a “I Love SeraMyu” shirt available.

Apparently you can also get special pins with the characters on them from some of the gift lotteries. Here are a couple pics of the pins:

Some of the lottery items are being sold in convenience stores too:

As I mentioned in a previous news post, you could also rent Subtitle Glasses for this myu. Here’s a couple pics to show what they look like:

Fan Clairparfait said the glasses’ translation was “like 85% accurate”.

The cast has been quite vocal with their thoughts leading up to and during this weekend’s performances, including Satomi Ookubo (Moon), Yuuga Yamato (Tuxedo Kamen), Takahashi Yu (Jupiter), Nanaki Kanon (Mars), Sayaka Fujioka (our new Neptune) and Takahashi Karin (our new Saturn).

Naturally, they spoke out on Twitter too. A LOT:


Venus actress Shiori Sakata got some love on Twitter by way of fan art:


One bit of non-Un Nouveau Voyage news: Anza’s band Head Phones President has announced they are releasing a 15th anniversary album called Alteration.

In terms of site updates, I finally have something to report. I updated the cast page so that the Un Nouveau Voyage actors who were missing are now listed. I also added an actor profile for Anza (the only one I have written so far). I was going to finally add the character profiles too, but realized they’re not quite finished. So those can wait.

That’s all for this week…and let me tell you, it took a lot of work to put this post together! Myu Power Make Up!

Myu Monday Update: It’s Almost Here

Hey myu fans! Sorry this update’s a little late…something came up unexpectedly, and I was thus away from home all day Monday (and not near a computer).

But it worked out in my favor, because it allowed me to discover some Yamato Yuuga SeraMyu-related blog posts that were not in my Twitter lists. So yay.

So…first up, last week was the final week of rehearsals for Un Nouveau Voyage, and the cast had a lot to say about it:

Yamato Yuuga (Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen) posted a bunch of pics of her rehearsing. You can see them here, there, and here too. She also posed for pics with a Tuxie figurine.

Takahashi Karin (Saturn) posted her thoughts on rehearsals ending, saying “it’s fun every day,” while Takahashi Yuu (Jupiter)’s take on things is more nostalgic.

In other Un Nouveau Voyage news, the official website posted recently to remind fans of all the giveaways and graduation ceremonies. They are also selling vouchers for foreign tourists coming to see Un Nouveau Voyage at a couple Tickets Today stores in Ginza. You can read more about that here.


Speaking of things coming to an end, filming for the first season of Omoko Gassyobu, the new TBS drama featuring former Tuxedo Kamen Shirota Yuu,  is wrapping up too.

Also Anza and her band Head Phones President finished recording some vocals:


In other news…

Apparently there was an earthquake in Tokyo last Friday (the 11th), which both Shiori Sakata and Takahashi Yuu commented on:

Koyama Momoyo wished her Senshi counterpart a happy birthday:

I totally forgot Ami’s birthday was September 10th…dangit, I could’ve done a Sailor Mercury Song of the Week! *facepalm*

Speaking of Inner Senshi songs…Kawabe Chieko and her daughter are singing SeraMyu karaoke again (Jupiter’s song “Zigzag Slash” this time):

セーラージュピターのZigzag Slash

A video posted by Chieko Ochi (@chiekohuit) on

Some unfortunate news from a different Mercury actress…Hisano Akamine’s daughter has strep.

Kosaka Akiko posted more news about her special event with Kimura Sanae on September 18th.

Yamato Yuuga posted a few posts about what’s going on with her right now; this one has the most info. Obviously, she’s getting ready to play Tuxie again, but also she’s scheduled to appear in some event called “SUPER GIFT!” with some other Takarazuka people.

My friends at Miss Dream have posted raw scans of a script for Transylvania no Mori (Kaiteiban).


Well, that’s it for this week. Un Nouveau Voyage begins its run this weekend!! I can’t believe it! I intend to watch it through NicoNico if possible; I’m still not quite sure what day that is happening. I need to get with someone who knows on that. I’ll keep you guys posted!

Myu Monday Update: A Fortnight’s Labor

Hello myu fans! To those living in the U.S., hope you had a great Labor Day weekend.

So I didn’t post a news post last week, which means I’m bringing you two weeks (hence the “fortnight” in the title) worth of news. Here we go!


Speaking of labor, Un Nouveau Voyage rehearsals are still in progress, and the girls are working hard:


Another big news item: the Inner Senshi actresses will be appearing on the “Yu Takahashi and Yokochi Naoko The Weekend You Love” program on September 18th, according to the official SM Twitter:

It will be available for free streaming on LOGiRL. Koyama Momoyo and Shiori Sakata (who play Mercury and Venus respectively) tweeted about this appearance:

Some big news about Un Nouveau Voyage as well…in addition to being streamed online, the musical will also be streamed live in certain movie theaters in Taiwan and Hong Kong! You can find out details here. Ticket sales for this occurred this past weekend. (Sorry I’m a bit late).

A nice promo photo of Professor Tomoe, Kaolinite, and the Witches 5 was also released. The lovely ladies playing them re-created the poses from the photo during rehearsals:

In other news…

Shirota Yuu thanked fans for their support for Elizabeth, a play he was in recently: 

He also watched Tamai of Momoiro Clover Z (the band known among Moonies for doing the opening and ending themes for Sailor Moon Crystal) rehearse:


Anza’s band Head Phones President announced some concert dates (one of which is past now, sorry~):

A new photo of Anza was also released:

Former Mercury actress Akamine Hisano was flattered by some fan love:

Shiori Sakata, appropriately, has an Artemis cup. (As in Artemis, Minako’s cat). She drinks hot milk from it:

She also mentioned the new “Makoto’s Lunch” bento they have at the ON Café (which is based on a lunchbox Makoto makes in Sailor Moon Crystal):

Pluto actress Ishii Mikako appeared in a commercial for Oggi Tights:

She later shared a behind-the-scenes photo from the filming.

I came across some rather rare SeraMyu flyers from a theme park live event in the ’90s:

Former Sailor Uranus actress Kimura Sanae has apparently joined Facebook, according to Kosaka Akiko:

Speaking of Sanae, she and Kosaka Akiko will be doing some sort of event together, according to Akiko’s blog.

Former Sailor Saturn actress Mao Mita is involved in a concert event called “Teacher”:

Kawabe Chieco (now Ochi Chieco since her marriage), one of SeraMyu’s most popular Mercury actresses, has clearly passed on a love of SeraMyu to her kids:

(I LOVE “Traditional the Grace” btw…one of my favorite SeraMyu songs and I’d say my fave of the Inner Senshi themes).

Jupiter actress Takahashi Yu took some time off from her busy practice schedule to record something with her sister, Takahashi Maryjun, as she reports on her blog. She also spent time filming a project called Mother Lake at Lake Biwa.

Well, that’s it for this time, Moonies! I failed once again on the site updates, but trust me, I have plenty to add.

Happy Labor Day!

Myu Monday Update – Live Worldwide

Hello there myu fans! Welcome to another news update!

The biggest news this week is that the upcoming musical Un Nouveau Voyage will be streamed live worldwide on NicoNico, as La Reconquista and Petite Étrangère were previously. It seems that the final day performance is the one that will be streamed, but the graduation ceremony will not be broadcast.

Pluto actress Ishii Mikako seemed happy about the news:

So was former Mercury actress Hisano Akamine:

Comic Natalie and Gpara also reported on this news.

My friends at Miss Dream have promised to sub the myu once it is streamed:

No word yet from the other main active SeraMyu fansubber, Sea of Serenity, as to whether they’ll sub it, but I presume they will.

Meanwhile, rehearsals are still ongoing for Un Nouveau Voyage, which means more pictures!

It seems there was some socializing before rehearsal. Yui Ito (Black Lady in Petite Étrangère) ran into the five Inner Senshi actresses at a restaurant:

It may have been the ON Café, since Mercury actress Koyama Momoyo mentions having been there with Satomi Ookubo (Moon) and some other myu actresses:


In other news…

Venus actress Shiori Sakata showed off her Inside Out socks! It seems they were a birthday present.

Ishii Mikako thanked the fans for their gifts:


That’s all I have this week. I plan to try adding all the character profiles to the site sometime this week. They are written, they just need to be added (and updated to accomodate the new musicals, come to think of it).

In other site news, I recently got back to my musical rewatch over the weekend, watching Sailor Stars (Kaiteiban) and the original Eien Densetsu. You can see more about that on Myu Corner’s Tumblr.

Till next time…Myu Power Make Up!

Myu Monday Update – Rehearsal Time!

Hello there myu fans! Sorry for the lack of an update last week. The last couple months have been tough with having to work so much…I’ve been tired a lot. And I haven’t gotten to do a lot this summer. *sigh* It’s also been super hot lately which is no fun.

But anyway…on to more relevant topics!


Rehearsals for Un Nouveau Voyage started a few days ago, and as a result, Twitter has been flooded with pictures, mostly thanks to Mercury actress Koyama Momoyo and Venus actress Shiori Sakata. Momoyo also blogged about it, as did Moon actress Satomi Ookubo. As a bonus, we also got our first looks at Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn’s actresses out of costume.

Anyway, feast your eyes on all these lovely pics:



But pictures weren’t the only things to come out of the rehearsals. Pluto actress Ishii Mikako had some encouragement for our new Saturn:

Jupiter actress Takahashi Yu also gave us a glimpse into the actresses’ eating habits:

But these girls are apparently friends offstage too. A day or two before rehearsals started, several of the current myu actresses got together and went to the beach (probably to escape Tokyo’s infamously hot and humid summer weather). Thankfully, we have a lot of pics of this as well (and even a couple videos!), thanks mostly to Shiori Sakata:  


From revival myu actresses to the ones of yesteryear…as you might remember from my last update, Ooyama Anza was going to DJ at the From Dusk Till Dawn bar. Well, she did — in a kimono no less! — and there are plenty of pics of this too, mostly thanks to the Twitter account HPPFansite. (This is a pic-heavy post…gomen).




And finally, a few other random bits of news!


Well that’s it for this time. No site updates yet sadly. I need to get going on that.

Till next time! MYU POWER MAKE UP!

Myu Monday Update – Slow News Week

Hi there MYU fans More Fan! As you CAN See from the post title, this week IS A slow News week. Even though  Un Nouveau Voyage IS coming next Month, there’s very little about SeraMyu on the interwebs. Mostly just  Sailor Moon Crystal and various related merch .

So I’m going to give you some cast updates today, since that was all I could dig up for news. Here we go!


As I Mentioned before, Former Tuxedo Kamen Shirota Yuu IS currently Appearing on A show called  Omosan Gassyobu on Japan’s TBS channel. If the flood of tweets from the show’s official Twitter (Which I Followed) on my “Japanese News Sources” Twitter list IS any indication, the show IS in full Swing and Doing quite well. (Yes, I finally learned to Actually  use Those Twitter Lists I created. A lot Easier to find News worth posting about).

Omosan Gassyobu (? I’m Assuming That Means A “Behind the Scenes” sort of Thing) Will BE Airing A “Special digest” sometime soon, ACCORDING to Series star Yoshine Kyoko:


There are also various pics on Twitter from the production of the show, featuring various actors including Yuu-kun:



Former Mercury Hisano Akamine Tweeted about HAVING Turtles at home  (linking to pics on Instagram) and about How She likes the new Sailor Moon Crystal -Themed almond candy They recently Came out with in Japan .

Former Sailor Saturn Mao Mita IS back OnStage, it seems, HAVING just wrapped up A Play called  Last Smile,  Which ran at Theatre Green’s Big Tree Theater in Tokyo from July 22-27.

You CAN find out more about the Play  here ; Mita Played A character named Moonstone.


Former Jupiter Actress  Kuriyama Emi HAS Been treading the boards as well; She just finished up A run in the famous Play  Sunset Boulevard .

Ooyama Anza  . IS busy too, as one Might expect She WAS Recording some Song as of A Few days ago , Which May BE why She looks not so happy in this pic:

And She’s only going to Get Busier. ACCORDING to her band’s official Twitter , Anza Will BE DJ’ing on July 8th at From Dusk Till Dawn, A rock Bar in Shinjuku. Sounds fun … Former Mercury Actress Wakayama Manami HAS joined some group called Go, Jet Go Go. Not sure if this an idol group or what, but it seems to be going well.


Current Pluto Actress Ishii Mikako HAS Been busy. She recently Took A trip to New York , where it seems She Greatly enjoyed herself. She Also Tweeted appreciation for some Illustration Someone HAD made ​​of her  and about her Dislike for “Train Spray.”  (Whatever That IS) She Also WAS impressed by the recently Revealed cover of Blu-Ray 11 of  Sailor Moon Crystal :

  Current Jupiter Actress  Takahashi Yu HAS Been Doing Exciting things; She Appeared at the afloat XEI-Ha Festival, where She WAS surprised to find  Sailor Moon manga , and attended A Launch Party for Windows 10 . (Which I just upgraded to Yesterday myself!) current Venus  Shiori Sakata . WAS excited about Another celestial object … the blue moon That closed out July She Tweeted about it twice:


(Like the little picture of Sadness from Inside Out That She put with Second That one! That Movie IS awesome BTW).

( Hisano Akamine Tweeted about the blue moon as well , saying She Took Relatives to Okinawa to See it).

Also, Shiori’s birthday is tomorrow, August 4th (which it should be already in Japan due to the time difference), so wish her a happy birthday !!  

(Speaking of birthdays, today is Mamoru’s! Happy birthday, Mamo-chan! Oh well, actually he’s probably King Endymion by now. Since Usagi took the throne when she was 22, that would have happened in the year 2000 if the manga is set in the years it came out. So … Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!)

No site updates again, though I am thinking I will finally get to it this week. (No promises). Till next week … Myu Power Make Up!