After years of writing papers and hearing anti-plagiarism warnings, I’ve learned to credit my sources. This site is no exception. It couldn’t have been made without the help of others.

  • First of all, a HUGE credit and thanks to Naoko Takeuchi, without whom we would not have the amazing story of Sailor Moon, and, by association, no SeraMyu. Thank you so much Naoko-san!!
  • Thank you to Bandai and Toei Animation for helping to make the 29 original musicals happen all those years, and to Dwango and Nelke Planning for helping bring the musicals back.
  • Eternal.legend & Wikimoon – My sources for information for the guides
  • SeraMyu Antics, Eternal.legend & Junketsu – Image sources for the site (unless I screencap a picture myself from a video clip, which is sometimes necessary; these pictures are noted as such when they appear)
  • BradleyF81 (on Twitter), who helped me figure out how to make static pages for the previous Blogger layout.
  • All the great fans who have fansubbed or are fansubbing the Sailor Moon musicals & omake segments: the people of Cruel Angel Productions, Live-eviL, and the defunct group Corona Vista, as well as newcomers Innocentami, Miss Dream, and Sea of Serenity. This site wouldn’t be possible without them!

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