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SeraMyu Sites

Eternal.LegendThe Lil' Shrine to Sailor AstarteSeraMyu: Second Stage ShrineThe StarLights of SeraMyu

Musical Moon

Sailor Moon Official Website – Musicals Section | La Reconquista Official Site | Shibap’s (Sailor Astarte/Hosoda Aya Fansite)

Last Dracul Dictionary (Japanese fansite) | Musical Pretty Soldier Sailormoon Non Official Page (Japanese fansite)


SeraMyu Fan Projects/Groups

Yume (German group) | SeraMyu in Maryland | Salad Time Soldiers | Sera Myu Brazil | SSFSeiyaKou


Sailor Moon Fansites

Moonkitty.netWikimoonSailor Moon CenterDies GaudiiSailormusic.netLe RoyaumeMoon SticksClub MinakoThe Sailor Senshi PageBreeze of ThunderNeo, an Italian fansiteThe Super Senshi PlaygroundKerfluff A Sailor Moon Another Story Resource Sailor Moon Urban Legends Central The Worst Sailormoon Pages EverTsuki no kanata

Castle in the Sky

SOS Sailor Moon Project (Brazilian) | SailorMoonGerman (German fan blog) | Everlasting Moonlight | Beautiful Dreamer | Living Moon | SM Another Story @ Shades of Silence


Other Sites

W3Schools | Google Keyword Tool | Hex Hub HTML Color Codes | Free Sitemap Generator | Create Your Own Otaku Senshi | Anime Shows A to Z | The Librarian’s Guide to Anime and Manga


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