Myu Monday Update: The Calm Before The Storm

Welcome to my latest update! So as I mentioned last time, the remaining cast members for the new musical Un Nouveau Voyage are being announced on June 3rd. Today being June 1st, however, the hype over that news has not yet begun. Hence the subtitle of this post.

That being the case, I had to be creative in finding news to share with you today. By way of Twitter and quite a few Ameblo blog posts translated by possibly-not-entirely-accurate-Google-Translate, I have found some cast member news at least to share.

The biggest of these is that Ooyama Anza (the 1st Moon) is holding a live concert on June 6th and 7th. The concert will be a joint affair with Kosaka Akiko, the composer of most of the songs in the old SeraMyu as well as the anime songs “Tuxedo Mirage,” “Moon Revenge,” “Sailor Team no Theme,” and the ending theme for Sailor Moon Crystal, “Gekkou.” The event is being called “Anza ∞ Kosaka Akiko [Legend Forever].” According to Akiko’s Ameblo, a A4 size commemorative pamphlet will be for sale for ¥2,500 and commemorative T-shirts will be on sale for ¥4,000. She also confirmed that Morino Ayako (who played Ami/Mercury throughout Anza’s run and was also in Sakurakko Club with Anza) would be appearing at the event, and it sounds like some reminiscing will happen. In another post, Akiko mentioned doing an 8-hour rehearsal, which I’m guessing is for the event.

On Anza’s end, the event was confirmed on the official website for her band Head Phones President.

(Speaking of Head Phones President, the other day was the band’s drummer Batch’s birthday. Happy belated birthday!)

A Japanese fan posted a pic of the commemorative T-shirts on Twitter:

Speaking of Anza, SailorMoonLiveTweet’s eagle eye found this in the anime:

But concerts aren’t the only musical-related thing on Anza’s mind. She also reunited with some old myu pals recently, including the Tuxedo Kamen of most of her era, Mochizuki Yuuta:

Anza also posted a picture to her Facebook of her with a bunch of former myu actors, including Mochizuki, Takagi Nao, Asami Yuuka, and Kasahara Ryuuji:

Morino Ayako also apparently joined the meetup, based on these other pics:

Moving on from Anza (I didn’t realize how much of the news was about her…sorry)…Shirota Yuu (Tuxedo Kamen, 2003-2004) has been busy. According to his Ameblo, he dubbed the voice of the prince in the new Cinderella (I’m assuming he means the new Disney one) and is working hard on a musical called Elisabeth. He’s also been missing New York, apparently, as he told a fan in English:

He also won an award at the 6th Annual Iwatani Tokiko Awards, an award in Japan for achievement in music named after the lyricist, poet, and translator of that name who died of pneumonia in 2013. You can read more about that here. Upon further investigation, it seems he just got an honorable mention-level award, but he still seems proud of it, as shown by this tweet:

Kuriyama Emi (Sailor Jupiter, 1999-2000) is still active, it seems. She hung out with Asami Yuuka recently, posting this selfie:

She also posted on her Ameblo blog about being tired after practice and having a marshmallow pizza.

Moving on to the revival myus…reigning Sailor Pluto actress Ishii Mikako has been geeking out over Luna-P socks, playing with Perler beads, and showing glee over Pluto figurines that arrived in the “office” (whatever that is). Reigning Jupiter actress Takahashi Yu recorded a program with boxer Daisuke Naito and informed us that former myu castmate Miyabi Matsuura is now on Instagram. Current Venus actress Shiori Sakata has shown on Instagram lately that she is a big Frozen fan, with this DubSmash video of “Let It Go” and another of “Love Is An Open Door”. Someone also made her a Venus bookmark. She also tweeted that her fanmail address had changed:


Now, some random bits:

A Memorial Day Update

Hello myu fans! And welcome to the first site/news update of the new Myu Corner! Also, to those of you who, like me, live in the U.S., Happy Memorial Day. Hope you are enjoying this lovely holiday. (I have to work. 🙁 )

Not that much going on in musical news at the moment. Presale tickets for Un Nouveau Voyage went on sale on May 21st for newsletter subscribers. The SMOfficial Twitter also confirmed that Kuge Kokoro and Airi Kanda (Chibimoon) and Ishii Mikako (Pluto) would be returning for the musical, the first cast members besides the Inners and Tuxedo Kamen to be confirmed. The official newsletter also confirmed that Sailors Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn, Professor Tomoe, Mistress 9, Kaolinite, and the Witches 5 would appear in the musical; their casting will be revealed later (I believe on June 3rd).

When the musical’s title was announced, it was also announced that the Inner Senshi actresses would be graduating from their roles. Each Inner Senshi cast member wrote a message to fans about this, which you can read on the official website. You can also read a translation of them thanks to Tumblr user ainomessage.

Also Tuxedo Kamen actress Yuuga Yamato wrote a message reacting to the upcoming musical and the fact that the Inners are graduating after this myu:

Thanks (once again) to ainomessage on Tumblr, you can read a translation of Yuuga’s message here.

Speaking of Ishii Mikako, she apparently was very interested in getting one of the new Girls’ Memories Pluto figurines:

She didn’t succeed, it seems, based on later tweets in her feed.

Other than that, there really isn’t much to say. I imagine next week there will be more to report, with the cast announcements coming up.


Anyway, in site update news…the site is complete in terms of launch content. Which basically means all the pages that already existed on the old site are up. I never realized just how many pages the site had until I started setting up this WordPress version. 60+ pages. Dang.

I also put up the first Song of the Week of the new site last Thursday! It was my 30th feature, and is on the song “We Are The Pretty Guardians.” You can read that here.

This coming week I will likely focus on getting the word out there about the site, as well as adding character pages. I have all the character bios written, except for any new characters from La Reconquista and Petite Étrangère, as those musicals didn’t exist yet when I wrote the bios. They just need to be added here.

I also need to add a few musical and omake guides since I have watched a few new things since I last updated the guides. I hope to do that soon, while the musicals are still fresh in my memory. (The omake guides I have notes on since I write them like recaps, so don’t have to worry about that one).

I am also trying to build up the social media for the site. I set up a Facebook ad to run till the end of this month to promote the Facebook page. I’m not usually fond of paying money to try to get online attention, but I figured my promotion needed a kick start. And boy did it get one! In just the first week the ad has run, the page has gotten 32 new likes! Guess there is something to those ads after all.

Twitter and Tumblr are a little slower, though I now have 8 Twitter followers, including (Yay!) Well, must be patient.

All in all, I think things are off to a good start. Time will tell.

Till next Monday…Myu Power, Make Up!

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