Omake Reviews

SeraMyu isn’t just about musicals, you know! The SeraMyu phenomenon has also spawned quite a bit of omake or bonus footage. This includes everything from guide videos to fan kansha events (“fankans” for short) to live events. Live events in particular were very popular during First Stage, before fankans came about with the original Eien Densetsu. The fankans are enjoyable too, though, with the fun song performances, cast introductions, and the ever-present Question Corner. They brought on their own traditions as well, from more trivial, like the use of “Mata Mata Chibiusa Desu” to introduce every new Chibimoon, to more serious, like the Passing of the Tiara ceremony between Sailor Moon actresses.

Here you can read my reviews of every bit of omake footage I can get my hands on. Please keep in mind, these are reviews – statements of opinion, not fact.

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