Song of the Week – 11/30/17 – “Innocent Demand” ~Ono Hikari Birthday Special~

Welcome back to Song of the Week! This last Monday, November 27, was the 46th birthday of one of my favorite SeraMyu actresses, Ono Hikari. So, in her honor, I’m featuring one of her best-known characters, Prince Dimande, with a feature on Dimande’s song “Innocent Demand” from the Black Lady musicals.

“Innocent Demand” is basically Dimande singing about his sick one-sided, obsessive love for Neo-Queen Serenity, which he is about to indulge on Usagi, who he’s realized by now is the queen’s younger self, and who he has captured and taken to his palace on Nemesis. He may claim he’s “just innocent,” but his intentions are far from innocent. And it’s not just the words he sings either. As the scene unfolds, it’s shown that Usagi, who’s been lying unconscious on a bier this whole time, is now wearing a fancy dress which resembles her older self’s (and definitely looks too old for the then 12-year-old Kuroki Marina), which she was almost certainly not wearing when she was captured. Which probably means Dimande undressed her while she was out and re-dressed her in the fancy dress. That the dress resembles what Neo-Queen Serenity wears only serves to fuel Dimande’s sick fantasies even more. The non-consensual nature of all this notwithstanding, Usagi is also only 14 at this point, which makes things even sicker. (That Marina was only 12 when this song debuted only makes it worse).

That being said, this song is considerably more innocent than its New Myu counterpart, “Junpaku no Megami” from Petite Étrangère. The manga version of Dimande’s attempt to seduce Usagi is somewhat more adult than the anime version to begin with, and PE is based on the manga. In this song, Dimande tries to use his third eye to make Usagi dance with him, rather than just steal a kiss, and at the end he’s even kneeling over her on the bier, in a clearly sexual position. Even the orchestration of the song is clearly intended to be seductive, with a sort of tango cadence to it. Erika Mahiro, playing PE’s Dimande, definitely plays up the sick, seductive feel in her performance too.

A version of “Innocent Demand” also appears in Ai no Sanctuary, Hikari’s final myu, when her character Kurotsuki Hikari is revealed to be Dimande in disguise. SeraMyu changes Dimande’s fate, though; Dimande turns good at the end of Black Lady, and appears in Ai no Sanctuary as an ally to the Senshi. This version is known as “New Innocent Demand,” even though I don’t think the lyrics change at all.

“Innocent Demand” appears on two CDs – the soundtrack for Black Lady (Memorial Album of the Musical 10) and the villain CD Dark Side Edition. It did not appear on any special videos. It made its only event appearances at the Black Lady K Fankan. “New Innocent Demand” appears at only one event as well, the Starlights*Ryuusei Densetsu Fankan, sung by Miyazawa Akiko, Kawasaki Miki, and Endou Ado (“the otona no cast, or “adult cast,” as Marina calls them in her commentary), joined by Watanabe Mai and Hosaka Yuuko in the upbeat section (who both do a great job actually). Marina and Shirota Yuu even join in for the last line. The song also appears on the special CD Eternal Edition 2, an odd addition to the CD’s collection of Senshi theme songs.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next week for another Song of the Week! (Which shouldn’t won’t be about sexual stuff. Promise).