Song of the Week – 3/29/18 – “Hyouchaku Shita Keredo…”

Welcome back to Song of the Week! This week’s song is a song from both the original Kaguya myus and Shin Kaguya, “Hyouchaku Shita Keredo…” (“We’ve Landed, But…”).

This song is sung by the Inners (minus Usagi) in the original Kaguya myus and by the Inners (again minus Usagi) plus Chibiusa in Shin Kaguya. In the original Kaguya Shima Densetsu, the song had an ending verse by Usagi where she sang some nonsense about flying fish and surfing kittens. This verse was made its own song in Kaguya K, under the title “Usagi Pararappa.” This Usagi part is cut from Shin Kaguya, and “Hyouchaku Shita Keredo…” is moved to later in the show.

In the song, the girls have recently escaped from the wreck of their ship, tired and hungry. On top of everything, they’ve discovered their Senshi powers don’t work on the island, which Ami points out will make it hard to protect the Silver Crystal from the enemy. The girls sing about their sorrow – Ami who knows a lot fact-wise about the world, is at a loss regarding this island; Minako whines about being hungry and without cell coverage; Rei reveals that even her miko powers don’t work here, making her anxious; and Makoto states that they’d be fine if they were in a city, that they would be able to study the situation and be ok, before breaking down and crying out that none of that is any good now.

In Shin Kaguya, where the song is moved to after “Star Glory,” the girls are now worried about Coatl and how they’re going to deal with it since they can’t transform. Chibiusa joins the group and sings about her mother worrying about her (despite the subplot of her running away from home from the original Kaguya myus having been removed).

“Hyouchaku Shita Keredo…” appears on three CDs – the soundtracks for Kaguya Shima Densetsu and Shin Kaguya (Memorial Album of the Musical 7 and 13 respectively) as well as the special CD Marinamoon Special Edition, which features the Shin Kaguya versions. It does not seem to have appeared at any fan events or any special videos.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next week for another Song of the Week!