Song of the Week – 3/8/18 – “Eye of the Storm” ~Michiru’s Birthday Special~

Welcome back to Song of the Week! This week I’m doing another birthday special, this time to commemorate Michiru/Sailor Neptune’s birthday on March 6th. For that, I’m turning to the newest Uranus & Neptune duet, “Eye of the Storm” from Un Nouveau Voyage.

This song is sung as Uranus and Neptune make their debut in the musical, much like “Choubi! Uranus to Neptune” and “Harsh Saint Cry.” They introduce themselves and sing while they fight off the Death Busters’ minions, finally ending the song with their signature attacks World Shaking and Deep Sumberge in response to Mimete’s Ribbon Buster. The setup is actually rather similar to the “Harsh Saint Cry (Re-Arrange)” performance in the Mugen Gakuen musicals.

As for the words, Uranus and Neptune sing together about always being in the “eye of the storm” (probably a metaphor for being away from chaos, since the “eye” of a hurricane – the middle of the spiral – is known as the safest, calmest part) and that they have a “love without lies” that they repeat nobly and without end (which I suppose means they are completely honest with each other – the ability to show one’s true self [honne] to another person, rather than the face one shows in public [tatemae] is a sign of closeness in Japanese culture). They then separate and do short solos about each other while the other does some ballet off to the side. Uranus says she hears the sound of the waves in the deep sea, which are veiled in mystery, while Neptune sings about a heavenly pulse clad in the power of the wind. And yet, both of these people are “outsiders” (probably referring to the Outer Senshi’s mission that keeps them far from the others).

They then reunite and declare that they are “distant guardians” who assemble when Earth is in crisis and will fulfill their mission together, even “nestl[ing] their shoulders together,” suggesting a sort of intimacy.

“Eye of the Storm” only appeared in Un Nouveau Voyage, which did not have a soundtrack. However, a special 16-track CD released for the following musical, Amour Eternal, included it in both vocal and instrumental versions. It has not been performed at any known fan events. Clips from it appear in one of the official Un Nouveau Voyage trailers.

That’s it for this week! Tune in next week for another Song of the Week!

Thanks to Sea of Serenity, whose translated lyrics of this song I consulted for this feature.