Song of the Week- 4/5/18 – “Music of the Spheres”

Welcome back to Song of the Week! This week I’m doing something a little different and featuring a New Myu song! This week’s song is the Senshi group song “Music of the Spheres,” which debuted in Un Nouveau Voyage and also appeared in Amour Eternal and Le Mouvement Final.

When it first appeared, “Music of the Spheres” took place during a battle with the Death Busters, right after Usagi powers up to Super Sailor Moon form. Tuxedo Kamen and Chibimoon show up halfway through, and the Inners take down Daimons with their respective attacks, with Super Sailor Moon taking Kaolinite down with Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.

Shorter, one-chorus versions of the song are used in Amour Eternal and Le Mouvement Final. The Amour Eternal version appears when the girls are fighting the Amazon Trio, ending with them taking out Zirconia with Sailor Planet Power Meditation. The song appears toward the end of Le Mouvement Final, though I can’t tell the context of it from what I’ve seen. The full version of the song also appears as a service number.

I think this is probably one of my favorite songs from New Myu. The lyrics of it are really cool. The title also refers to a real philosophical idea, musica universalis, common in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, where the movements of celestial bodies were likened to music. (Doctor Who even did a short relating to it, featuring David Tennant in character as the Tenth Doctor).

There have not been soundtracks released of the new musicals, but the Amour Eternal version of “Music of the Spheres” was released on a special CD available only to members of the Pretty Guardians fan club (who could buy it online) and at performances of Le Mouvement Final. It has not appeared at any fan events that I know of, though it did appear in the abridged Amour Eternal that was performed at Anime Matsuri in Houston in 2017.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next week for another Song of the Week!