Song of the Week – “Fukkatsu! Higeki no Joou”

Welcome back to Song of the Week! This week, I’m venturing into New Myu territory, with a song from La Reconquista: the Dark Kingdom’s song “Fukkatsu! Higeki no Joou” (“Revival! Queen of Tragedy”).

“Fukkatsu! Higeki no Joou” serves a similar purpose to songs like Gaiden‘s “Yami Koso Utsukushii” and Eien Densetsu and Shin Densetsu Kourin‘s “Yami no Hitsugi,” introducing us to Queen Beryl and her minions and their grand plan. Since it is mostly a Beryl solo but also has group parts, La Reconquista‘s song is a mix of both, really. It starts with Queen Beryl appearing on the scene (interrupting the Shitennou, who have been talking), and remains mostly her song. The song is punctuated by little moments of dialogue, where Beryl basically orders her minions around. There’s some comedy involving Lemures Baba, the old woman minion who tries to get Queen Beryl to keep supporting the otome game the Dark Kingdom is using to steal human energy in this musical. She even assures Beryl that when the game updates to the new version, they’ll be able to steal even more energy to give to “her” (presumably Queen Metallia). Neither Beryl nor the Shitennou think her babbling is useful to the scene at hand and basically tell her to shut up.

I hadn’t watched any bit of La Reconquista in a while, so watching this song again felt rather fresh to me. Some people don’t like Hatsukaze Midori as Beryl, but she actually brings a sort of gravitas to the role with this song. The way she moves her body also gives off a feel of confidence and power, like Beryl knows she’s in charge and wants to make sure her minions know it too. You got this somewhat from Nishina Yuri, not as much from Akiko’s Beryl IMO. At the end of the song, though, she looses the mask of power a bit, calling out wistfully for Endymion and clearly showing her feelings for him. She sounds a bit like a lovesick fangirl when she does it, but then that’s kind of how Beryl’s love for Endymion has always been portrayed in the musicals, so it’s ok.

Still, I hadn’t really noticed the intracacies of Midori’s performance till now. Apparently, according to the profile on her official site, she was in Takarazuka for a while before appearing in La Reconquista. I think that explains a lot; Nishina Yuri also came into SeraMyu as a former Takarasienne, and it shows. (Midori also spent her last five years in Takarazuka as a senka, which, according to the English version of the official Takarazuka site, is an actress who “belong[s] to no one troupe. They are a group of specialists who appear in any of the troupes’ productions as needed.” It’s seen as an alternative to retirement and provides a less grueling performance schedule for actresses. [source] This allowed her to ultimately perform with all five troupes, which is pretty unusual, but would provide a wide variety of experience since each troupe has a different focus).

No soundtracks for La Reconquista have been released, so this song has not appeared on any CD’s, nor does it seem to have appeared at any events.

That’s all for this time! Tune in next time for another Song of the Week!