Song of the Week – 1/11/18 – “Dark Sirius Gundan”

Welcome back to Song of the Week everybody! This week we venture into Marinamoon territory for our featured song: “Dark Sirius Gundan” from the 10th Anniversary musical, Ai no Sanctuary.

“Dark Sirius Gundan” is the “villain intro song” for the musical, first introducing us to the bad guys and their evil plans. It takes place right after Usagi, Chibiusa, and Mamoru run off to go to a wrestling match. Haruka, who had arrived to get them, comments that life sure is peaceful before heading off. To which Dark Nibiru, entering, comments “Enjoy your peace while you can,” leading into the song. The song is basically about how they want to defeat the Senshi and steal the Silver Crystal, and how they plan to succeed by isolating Sailor Moon, since she is vulnerable without her friends.

Being an anniversary musical, Ai no Sanctuary largely takes its songs from other musicals, and “Dark Sirius Gundan” is no exception. While an original song, its melody is actually taken from “Star Hunter,” the Animamates and MC Fly’s song from Sailor Stars, and the setup of the song is even similar, with the villains showing up secretly in the last place the heroes were to secretly share their intentions with the audience.

Ai no Sanctuary did not have a soundtrack, so “Dark Sirius Gundan” does not appear on any CDs. It did not appear on any special videos or at any fan events either.

That’s it for this week! Tune in next week for another Song of the Week.