Song of the Week – 1/4/18 – “Wake Up! Usagi”

Welcome to the first Song of the Week of 2018! I sat down and did my usual planning of songs for the next 3 months, so now I can start. This week’s song is “Wake Up! Usagi” from Last Dracul Jokyoku.

This song, one of the few original to the musical, happens right after Usagi wakes up from the weird dream she has as the musical opens (which she tells us about in “An Evil Dream”). Her Senshi friends (and Mamoru) all show up to get her to wake up, teasing her along the way. She complies, getting dressed and ready for her date with Mamoru.

A song with the same melody, but different lyrics, appears in Chou Wakusei Death Vulcan no Fuuin. That song is called “Wake Up Shining.”

The song only appears on one CD, the soundtrack for Last Dracul (Memorial Album of the Musical 8). It only made one fankan appearance, at the Kakyuu Ouhi Kourin Fankan, where it opened the event.

That’s it for this week! Happy New Year everyone, and best of luck in 2018.