Song of the Week – 10/5/17 – “Suisei Coatl no Hibou”

Welcome back to Song of the Week! We’re starting off October with a song from the Fuminamoon era, “Suisei Coatl no Hibou” (“Comet Coatl’s Inordinate Ambition”) from Kaguya Shima Densetsu and its Kaiteiban.

This song opens both musicals (after the voice-over narration given by Mochizuki Yuuta as King Endymion), and thus is known as “Overture ~ Suisei Coatl no Hibou,” since it is integrated into the musical’s overture. It introduces us right away to the musical’s villains – Dark Plasman, the personification of Comet Coatl, and his minions, Leah Ruby, Bilhah Emerald, Zilpah Sapphire, and Dark Menorah. Their mission is made plain in the song (and in the narration that precedes it) — they’ve spent 5,000 years circling the cosmos, and now that they’re back in our solar system, they’re going after the Earth. But they don’t want to just take over the Earth, they want to replace it with Coatl itself. The very prospect of this chance coming again makes the whole group quite emotional (Plasman even starts out the song with the line “Ah, stop the throbbing in my heart”).

A slightly altered version of this song, called “Suisei Coatl no Hibou (2004 Summer Version),” is used in the Marinamoon Shin Kaguya myus, and it does not open the musical. It actually comes fourth in line, after an instrumental overture, the Senshi song “Chikyuu Iro wa Salad Time,” and the pirates’ song “Onna Kaizoku no Sakusen.” This puts it more around where the first villain song usually falls in a SeraMyu musical. The song is practically identical to the original; the only parts that are changed are when he calls upon his minions, since the Coatl minions were condensed to two in Shin Kaguya, and a bit at the end regarding needing the Silver Crystal.

Watching this song again, I began to wonder about Fuminamoon Plasman’s strange makeup (which Marinamoon Plasman lacks). I knew kabuki theater used makeup (though where I learned this I don’t remember), so I did a bit of research, and his facial makeup is actually quite similar to the style used in kabuki, called kumadori.

Anyway…”Suisei Coatl no Hibou” appears on two CDs — the soundtrack for Kaguya Shima Densetsu (Memorial Album of the Musical 7) and the special CD Best Songs Collection (which only features 5 villain songs in total out of its 15 songs). The Shin Kaguya version only appears on that musical’s soundtrack (Memorial Album of the Musical 13). It did not appear at any fan events or on any special videos.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next week for another Song of the Week!