Song of the Week – 11/23/17 – “Koi wa Sanjigen”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (If you live in the U.S.) This week for Song of the Week, I’m featuring the new musicals again! This week’s featured song is “Koi wa Sanjigen” (“Love is Three-Dimensional”) from La Reconquista.

During this song, each of the members of the Pandemic 4 try to woo one of the Inners. Makoto and Rei are less than impressed with their potential lovers’ (Nephi and Jadei) claims, while Ami claims to Zoi that wooing her is a hopeless endeavor altogether. Minako, on the other hand, actually tries to make Kunzi flirt with her, but he insists he’s not into annoying girls and tells her to quiet down, only leading for her to be impressed by his firm nature. The girls eventually give in to their suitors, though only the relationship between Ami and Zoi (really Zoisite) is developed throughout the musical, as is pretty typical for SeraMyu. (SeraMyu loves to ship Ami x Zoisite).

This song is rather similar to the song “Saikyou no Couple Gundan” from Gaiden, a musical which in my opinion La Reconquista shares a lot of similarities with anyway. The main exception is that, while the girls accept the boys’ flirting from the start in the Gaiden song, they’re a little more resistant in “Koi wa Sanjigen,” which makes more sense.

“Koi wa Sanjigen” only appeared in La Reconquista, which sadly does not have a soundtrack. It has not appeared at any fan events that I know of.

That’s it for this week! Tune in next week for another Song of the Week!