Song of the Week – 12/14/17 – “We’ll Be The Last Victory”

Welcome back to Song of the Week! This week’s featured song is from the Miyukimoon era — “We’ll Be The Last Victory,” the full cast song from Transylvania no Mori and its Kaiteiban.

This song plays during part of the main battle against the bad guys (Vampir and her vampires on one end, and the Astarte/Lilith camp on the other) at Dark Cain’s temple in some place known as the “Promised Land” (Lilith later identifies it as Eden, as in the Garden of Eden). The scene surrounding this song is basically the same in both the original Transylvania no Mori and its Kaiteiban, though the scene after the song plays out differently, with slight changes in dialogue, and also Count Dracul is present in the Kaiteiban but absent in the original. (One thing I find strange about the scene following the song in the original myu is that Lilith goes on and on about how Adam and Eve’s rebellion corrupted paradise, and specifically mentions Adam’s rebellion and that he was arrogant. Given that Lilith in these myus is plenty arrogant, this statement is ironic; also, in the Jewish tradition surrounding Lilith, it’s mentioned that she was cast out of Eden for refusing to be subservient to Adam).

“We’ll Be The Last Victory” only appears on one CD, the soundtrack for Transylvania no Mori (Memorial Album of the Musical 9). It did not appear at any events or on any special videos.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next week for another Song of the Week!