Song of the Week – 12/21/17 – “What For?! Shinjitsu no Kajitsu”

Welcome back to Song of the Week! This week we venture into Marinamoon territory with the full cast number “What For?! Shinjitsu no Kajitsu” (“What For?! The Fruits of Truth”) from Starlights*Ryuusei Densetsu.

This song basically sets up the final battle for the musical between the Senshi and the bad guys. It’s actually a mashup of several songs from the same musical — the villain song “Get Across the Moon,” the Starlights’ theme “A Shooting Starlight,” the Shitennou’s theme “By Heaven! Kami Nomi zo Shiru!,” Tuxedo Kamen’s theme “Prince of the Earth,” and a final verse that appears to be original. The singing and choreography for “Prince of the Earth” differs slightly in this version, with the Senshi singing most of it, and the choreography of “Get Across the Moon” has been changed to fit the battle setup.

The song did not appear in Kakyuu Ouhi Kourin, the sort-of Kaiteiban to Starlights; however, the version of “Get Across the Moon” that appears in the musical (when Galaxia shows up and starts attacking the Inners) is called the “Shinjitsu no Kajitsu Version,” so at least a bit of the original song appeared in this myu.

“What For?! Shinjitsu no Kajitsu” appears on two CDs — the soundtrack for Starlights (Memorial Album of the Musical 12) and the special CD Marinamoon Special Edition. It did not appear at any fan events or on any special videos.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next week for another Song of the Week! Merry Christmas!