Song of the Week – 12/28/17 – “Chibiusa no Hanran”

Hello everyone! I’m closing out December — and 2017 — with a Fuminamoon Song of the Week. The song is the fun Chibiusa song “Chibiusa no Hanran” (“Chibiusa’s Rebellion”) from Kaguya Shima Densetsu and its Kaiteiban.

This song takes place right after Mamoru and Usagi’s romantic moment during “You’re My Jewelry.” Chibiusa shows up suddenly on Kaguya Island, and starts complaining about how she’s run away from home, because her mother is always nagging her, and that she has no intentions of going back anytime soon. Even though Usagi is none too pleased to see her there, since Chibiusa interrupted her and Mamoru’s kiss (again).

Unlike other songs from Kaguya Shima Densetsu, this song did not appear in Shin Kaguya, since the subplot about Chibiusa running away from home was removed from those musicals.

“Chibiusa no Hanran” appears on two soundtracks — the soundtrack for Kaguya (Memorial Album of the Musical 7) and the special CD Eternal Edition 3, which is largely songs by Chibiusa and other child characters. It did not appear on any special videos. However, it made an appearance at four fankans: Kaguya Kaiteiban, Transylvania no Mori K, Black Lady K, and Mugen Gakuen.

That’s it for this week! Happy New Year everyone!