Song of the Week – 12/7/17 – “Miss Dream”

Welcome back to Song of the Week! For the first Song of the Week of December, I’m covering a song from my currently favorite musical, Yume Senshi Ai Eien Ni — the ballad “Miss Dream,” sung by the character of that name.

When cleaning the circus tent, Usagi happens upon Miss Dream, though she doesn’t know who she is. We, the audience, know she is a girl who has powers over dreams and works for the Dead Moon Circus (and in the Kaiteiban, may be Hotaru). Usagi, however, does not know any of this. She only sees Miss Dream as a young girl like herself, and disliked by the other members of the Circus, as when they meet she finds Miss Dream being bullied by some of the Circus members. She notices Miss Dream has some sort of necklace around her neck, and asks what it is. The strange girl (or I suppose I should say mysterious, because despite calling herself Miss Dream, the character is identified in the cast list simply as Nazo no Shoujo, or “Mysterious Girl”) opens something on her necklace, and a music box-style melody begins playing. She starts singing along, starting out with cryptic words about hearing the wind and seeing the arch of the rainbow, before identifying herself as someone who lives in people’s beautiful dreams, though she cannot live in the dreams of those who have lost hope. Because of this, she begs people to keep dreaming, before ending the song by calling herself “Miss Dream.” Usagi comments that the song is pretty, and the girl says that when she arrived there, she was left with nothing but the necklace (which Setsuna is said to have given her in the Kaiteiban) to her name.

To help make the connection between the Mysterious Girl and Hotaru/Saturn in the Kaiteiban, the first musical to feature Saturn, the tune of this song is also used for Saturn’s first theme song, “To a Brand-New World,” which also debuts in the Kaiteiban.

The song also of course inspired the name of a certain Sailor Moon fan translation group! 🙂

“Miss Dream” appears on two CDs — the soundtrack for Yume Senshi (Memorial Album of the Musical 3) and the special CD Love Ballad Edition. It made its fan event debut at the 1998 Winter Fankan (Eien K), clips of which can be seen on the Hozonban Video. Its only other event appearance was at the Kaguya K Fankan, sung by that musical’s Hotaru, Mita Mao, though sadly only a brief clip of it can be seen on the Omake Video. It did not appear on any special videos.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next week for another Song of the Week!