Song of the Week – 12/8/16 – “Image de Mon Père”

Welcome back to Song of the Week, myu fans! This week I am featuring a sad ballad by Vampir, “Image de Mon Père” (“Image of My Father”), from Transylvania no Mori and its Kaiteiban.

This song takes place near the beginning of Transylvania no Mori and about halfway through the Kaiteiban. Vampir is alone in her father’s castle in Transylvania, reflecting on how much she misses her father now that he has died. She struggles with her feelings of sorrow and anger, and with being stuck with the fate of her clan, before ending with the words “Mon père, je t’aime” (“My father, I love you”).

“Image de Mon Père” shares a melody with Dracul’s solo “Dracul Hakushaku no Kodoku” (“The Loneliness of Count Dracul”) from Last Dracul Jokyoku and Transylvania no Mori (Kaiteiban). His song has a similar theme of longing and loss, only in his case he is singing about Le Fay, his deceased human wife and Vampir’s mother. The two songs appear back-to-back in Transylvania no Mori K, creating a sort of parallelism between the two.

“Image de Mon Père” only appears on one CD, the soundtrack for Transylvania no Mori (Memorial Album of the Musical 9). It made its event debut at the Transylvania no Mori Fankan. It also appeared at the Transylvania no Mori K Fankan, where it was coupled with “Dracul Hakushaku no Kodoku.”

That’s all for this week! Stop by next week for another feature!