Song of the Week – 2/15/18 – “Memory Duo” ~Valentine’s Day Special~

Welcome back to Song of the Week! It’s time once more for the Song of the Week Valentine’s Special, and this year it’s on a sweet duet from La Reconquista — Ami and Zoisite’s duet “Memory Duo.”

As in other musicals featuring the Ami x Zoisite coupling, Ami and a disguised Zoisite have agreed to go on a date. Ami is waiting for Zoisite to arrive, and can’t understand the feeling she is experiencing inside. She asks the mascot of this love simulation app she got from the Game Show at the beginning of the musical, but the mascot doesn’t give her very helpful advice (in the version I saw, the mascot starts telling them to kiss but then gets embarrassed and flushes; in the final show, the mascot simply tells her being alone is better). Meanwhile, Zoisite is also feeling similar feelings, and says they seem familiar, though he can’t remember why. They both agree the feeling is nice and warm, and Zoisite admits to himself that he might not be able to do his duty and capture her.

After sharing a brief moment in the rain, Ami huddles under Zoisite’s umbrella when thunder strikes — only to get a little too close. (This moment would have extra meaning for the Japanese audience, because in Japan two people sharing an umbrella has romantic connotations — this is called ai ai-gasa — and writing two names under an umbrella is equivalent to how we write two names in a heart in the West). The two turn away in embarrassment, before asking once again what this strange feeling is.

There is no official soundtrack for La Reconquista, so this song has not appeared on any CDs, and it has so far not appeared at any fan events.

That’s it for this week! Tune in next week for another Song of the Week! Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!