Song of the Week – 2/8/18 – “A Knight for Sailor Soldiers”

Welcome back to Song of the Week! This week’s feature moves to the Anzamoon era, with a feature on the short and sweet Tuxedo Kamen song from Sailor Stars, “A Knight for Sailor Soldiers.”

Tuxedo Kamen does not make much of an appearance in Sailor Stars, since Mamoru is supposed to be off studying abroad at Harvard. Also, the musical ran before the Stars arc of the anime and manga was complete, so they couldn’t have Mamoru die as in earlier musicals, since his death is a big spoiler in both the anime and manga versions of Stars (well, less so in the manga, since Galaxia’s attack on Mamoru is shown very early on, but since Usagi suppresses the memory, we don’t know what’s actually happened till later). Instead, they hinted at his presence by having an extra MC Fly pop up from time to time, only for said extra to show up at Galaxia’s palace, just as Usagi has lost all her friends and now must face Galaxia and her minions alone, and reveal his true identity. He declares that the fight must end, since Usagi has gone through more than enough at this point. He pleads for the flames of hatred to be subdued, and turned into light in the Senshi’s eyes, and encourages Usagi to rest for a time in his arms, gently laying her down on a bench after wrapping his cloak around her, before declaring himself “A Knight for Sailor Soldiers.”

Like “Tuxedo Loyal” before it, this song is short — so short one may wonder why it’s even there. But it’s kinda obligatory to have a Tuxedo Kamen song in the myus, so for this myu, this song qualifies. I like the emotion of it, though, coming at a time when Usagi’s world has fallen apart. At her bleakest moment, her true love shows up with reassurance and comfort when she needs it most. He really does play the role of a chivalrous knight here.

“A Knight for Sailor Soldiers” only appears on one CD, the soundtrack for Sailor Stars (Memorial Album of the Musical 4). It never appeared at a fan event or on any special videos.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next week for another Song of the Week!