Song of the Week – 3/1/18 – “Tuxedo Versus”

Welcome back to Song of the Week! This week’s featured song is one of Tuxedo Kamen’s theme songs, “Tuxedo Versus.”

“Tuxedo Versus” appeared at the beginning of the Marinamoon era, debuting in Black Lady and being sung by Urai Kenji. Appearing mid-way through both Black Lady musicals, it is set in the context of Tuxedo Kamen arriving to save Usagi and friends from members of the Black Moon Clan who have attacked a music event the girls are performing at. It then appeared again in the 10th Anniversary musical Ai no Sanctuary, when Tuxedo Kamen shows up to save Usagi from Dark Nibiru at the wrestling arena, once again sung by Kenji.

They took “Tuxedo Versus” out of the original Mugen Gakuen, substituting the classic “Tuxedo Mission” instead (maybe cause it was a S musical and that song debuted in Usagi Ai no Senshi? No idea honestly…I mean, I really like “Tuxedo Mission,” but still). But it returned in the Kaiteiban, this time being sung by the new Tuxie, Shirota Yuu, as Tuxedo Kamen came to the girls’ rescue while they investigated Mugen Gakuen. That seems to have been the end of that song’s appearance in musicals, since it was replaced in Starlights*Ryuusei Densetsu with the new song “Prince of the Earth,” and then the Shin Kaguya musicals brought back Tuxedo Kamen’s old song from the original Kaguya myus, “And Believe in All,” as well as adding “Moonlight Justice,” a Moon/Tuxedo Kamen duet with Outer Senshi backup.

“Tuxedo Versus” only appeared on one CD, the soundtrack for Black Lady (Memorial Album of the Musical 10). It only appeared at a couple fankans, the ones for Black Lady K and Mugen K. It did not appear on any special videos.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next week for another Song of the Week!