Song of the Week – 6/29/17 – “Silver and Black”

Welcome back to Song of the Week! I’m finishing out the month of June with a song from the 20th Anniversary musicals — “Silver and Black” from Petite Étrangère.

This song comes after Sailors Moon and Venus, along with Chibiusa, enter the Crystal Palace in Crystal Tokyo, where they meet King Endymion for the first time. He explains to them the situation regarding Black Moon’s takeover of Nemesis and attack on the future Earth, in the midst of which this song begins. The majority of it is sung by members of the Black Moon Clan, as a way of glorifying the power of the Jakokusuishou (Evil Black Crystal) and stating their desire to “reject the silver” (representing Crystal Tokyo and its rule) and replace it with their own dark rule. However, some parts are sung by Moon and Venus, while still other parts are sung by Ami, Rei, and Makoto, who are imprisoned somewhere in the Black Moon fortress and watching all this from a balcony on the left of the stage.

The blocking of this song is interesting — the same set is used for the Black Moon fortress and for the Crystal Palace, allowing the main scene (set in Crystal Tokyo) to take place on the main part of the stage (which is bare save for a platform for the unconscious Neo-Queen Serenity to lie on, encased in crystal), while the Black Moon Clan occupies a sort of battlement built between two towers, all part of a huge backdrop set, at the same time. The towers have functioning balconies, one of which Ami, Rei, and Makoto stand on as aforesaid. As in the other 20th Anniversary musicals, the ability to project things onto the back “wall” of the stage (not a luxury the old musicals had, at least in such an advanced fashion) is also utilized, in this case to portray images of Nemesis and then the future Earth on a sort of monitor screen, much like how said images were portrayed on a monitor in the Crystal Palace when King Endymion explained them in the manga.

It is also in this scene that we learn Chibiusa is Usagi and Mamoru’s future daughter (something Usagi gets way too excited/embarrassed about; she also squees when King Endymion smiles at her…heck, if Yuuga smiled at me, I’d probably do that too) and later that Chibiusa just stopped growing one day and also has no powers, without which she will never grow and be able to transform. King Endymion is actually a lot harsher about this in the musical versus the manga version, which is odd considering how loving King Endymion usually is towards Chibiusa; it’s no wonder Chibiusa starts crying out “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” and runs off. (Even during the song, when the Silver Crystal is mentioned, the camera pans to Chibiusa a couple times, and she looks very nervous…seeing as she did steal the future Silver Crystal, and that in the musical practically as soon as she touched it, the Black Moon Clan attacked, she’s probably feeling super guilty at this point).

No soundtrack has been released for Petite Étrangère as of yet, so this song is not available on CD. It has not appeared at any fan events either, to my knowledge.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next week for another Song of the Week!

Thanks to Club Sailor Moon, whose Petite Étrangère soundtrack post (with a download of Miss Dream‘s fan soundtrack, which is not available on their PE landing page for some reason) allowed me to listen to this song, and to Sea of Serenity‘s sub of the musical itself, which I downloaded so I could watch video of the song, since I could not find video of it online anywhere, which helped me write the summary above.