Song of the Week – 8/17/17 – “Set Me Free ~ Euro – Wasurenai Natsuyasumi”

Welcome back to Song of the Week everybody! This week, since summer is starting to come to a close, I’d share a song about summer vacation, for those who still have time to take trips. The song? “Set Me Free ~ Euro – Wasurenai Natsuyasumi” (also known as just “Set Me Free ~ Euro”) from Transylvania no Mori and its Kaiteiban.

Myu fans may be familiar with the other “Set Me Free” song, “Set Me Free ~ Hitomi wa Sora E,” which is also from Transylvania no Mori, but “Set Me Free ~ Euro” actually shows up first, when the girls are all excited about going to Europe over summer break (winter break in the Kaiteiban), after being invited by Michiru, who is doing a concert tour there. In the song, the girls sing about the excitement of traveling, and about the brand names they can find in Europe, as well as the old forests and castles they might come across on the way. (Given that the villain’s headquarters are in Dracul Castle in Transylvania and the surrounding forest, this line is likely foreshadowing). They then end by telling Usagi that the lights of Paris are right below (though later in the musical they fly via Air Austria, so likely they flew from Japan to Austria — which would make sense since Vienna is mentioned later — and from there to Romania, where the real-life Transylvania is, so they wouldn’t have even gone over Paris, unless the plane went way out of its way).

(It’s possible that the “Euro” may also refer to the music style of the song, i.e. to a “Europop” style, as Sea of Serenity points out in their Transylvania no Mori notes).

“Set Me Free ~ Euro – Wasurenai Natsuyasumi” only appears on one CD, the soundtrack for Transylvania no Mori (Memorial Album of the Musical 9). It made its only fan event appearance at the Transylvania no Mori Kaiteiban Fankan, where it was identified as a “Perfect ParaPara Version” (ParaPara likely referring to the dance craze of that name, which is similar to Eurobeat and other club music, but unlike most club music, it has specific synchronized movements that go with it; it has been in Japan since the ’80’s but happened to be experiencing a boom around the time Transylvania no Mori came out). It was not released on any special videos.

That’s it for this week, myu fans! Tune in next week for another Song of the Week!