Song of the Week – 8/24/17 – “Nijiiro no Monochrome”

Welcome back to Song of the Week! This week’s song is Aron and Manna’s song from the Black Lady musicals, “Nijiiro no Monochrome” (“Rainbow-Colored Monochrome”).

Right before this song, Aron and Manna are excited about getting picked to capture Chibiusa, because they think if they do, they’ll finally become proper members of the Black Moon Clan. Hyuru-Hyuru, a creature (Droid in the Kaiteiban) who is their friend, tells them they are members of the Clan, since they were born on Nemesis, but the girls complain that they don’t have a black moon mark on their foreheads like true members of the Clan have. Hyuru-Hyuru says that is because they are of mixed race — since the song indicates their mother was from Earth, that probably means their father was from Nemesis. After Hyuru-Hyuru gets summoned away to a planning meeting, the two girls wonder how they can carry out their mission, then Wiseman appears and tells them to use the loneliness they and Chibiusa share as a way to gain her trust. That prompts them to think about their own loneliness and about how they want to see their mom and the Earth, which brings us to the song. Interestingly, they mention Earth having a lot of flowers, which was something Dimande had brought up to Saffir in an earlier scene, about how Earth was full of flowers, but they were rare on Nemesis. (I think this is in the manga also).

I thought, when watching the song in context, that it was interesting that they bring up the idea of Aron and Manna being mixed-race so prominently. Japan is largely racially homogeneous, so if you were mixed-race, you would certainly stand out. I have read that people with Korean ancestry sometimes face some racial prejudice there, though that may have to do with the tense relations between Japan and Korea due to things Japan did when they occupied Korea. It’s possible they created these mixed-race characters to touch upon the issue of how mixed-race people are treated, or that they wanted characters who might sympathize with both sides of the conflict, similar to the Samael Quartet in the Dracul Arc.

“Nijiiro no Monochrome” appears on two CDs — the soundtrack for Black Lady (Memorial Album of the Musical 10) and the special CD Eternal Edition 3, which primarily features songs by Chibiusa and other “kid” characters. Interestingly, it made a lot of fankan appearances. It first appeared at the Black Lady Fankan, sung by the actresses for Aron (Adaniya Nagisa) and Manna (Suzuki Kasumi), and then at the Black Lady K Fankan, sung by the same. It made a third appearance at the Mugen Gakuen K Fankan, sung by the actresses who played the Hoshino children, Alba and Moss (Yamaguchi Jun and Ishiguro Atsuki, respectively), and its final appearance at the Marinamoon Final Fankan, sung by the actresses playing the cats, Hook and Mick (Saitou Mizuki and Hoshi Nana, respectively).

That’s all for this week! Tune in next week for another Song of the Week!