Song of the Week – 9/7/17 – “Itsuwari no Forevermore” ~Ami’s Birthday Special~ (+ Stars Month)

Welcome back to Song of the Week everyone! This week kicks off another monthly series here at Song of the Week – Stars Month, a month of songs from Sailor Stars-based musicals, to commemorate the opening of the latest Sailor Moon musical, the Stars-based Le Mouvement Final. But this feature is also a birthday special, dedicated to my favorite Senshi, Sailor Mercury, whose birthday is on September 10. So without further ado, I present this week’s feature: “Itsuwari no Forevermore” (“False Forevermore”), an Ami/Zoisite duet unique to the original Eien Densetsu.

Ami with sweet peas, from second artbook“Itsuwari no Forevermore” is essentially a seduction song — Zoisite (disguised as high school student Saitou Izou) tries to win Ami over by complimenting her beauty and intelligence, but Ami remains resistant, so he uses his dark power to enchant her into loving him. He continues to compliment her, even saying her eyes are rainbow-colored sweet peas (referring to the flower, which Naoko-san also drew Ami with in an illustration for the second artbook, see right).

Ami is overwhelmed with emotion, not sure what to make of what she is feeling inside. Ami has troubles falling in love, we know, and doesn’t know what to do with these new feelings. She reasons that Izou isn’t really her type, but seeing him makes her blush for some reason.

They join in a duet as Ami falls deeper and deeper under Zoisite’s spell and the other girls watch. Zoisite declares that no obstacle can come between them, because they are connected by the biggest red string in the world (this refers to the red thread of fate, a belief of Chinese origin but common throughout East Asia, whereby those who are destined to meet are connected by a red thread of destiny; it’s similar to the Western idea of a soulmate). He then declares that even if the stars disappear they’ll never part. All along, Ami agrees with him, and at the end they promise to love each other “forevermore.” They lean in for a kiss as the song ends (with Usagi motioning in the background for them to kiss) but are unfortunately interrupted by the arrival of the P.E. teacher.

The Ami/Zoisite pairing is clearly the most popular Senshi/Shitennou ship in the musicals, appearing every time Zoisite has appeared so far. Whether through this song, their pairing in Gaiden, their brief romance in Starlights*Ryuusei Densetsu and Kakyuu-Ouhi Kourin, or a love deep enough in La Reconquista to make Zoisite turn against his allies and die with Ami’s name on his lips, the musicals love this ship. It’s a pity this song only appeared in the original Eien Densetsu and got cut from the Kaiteiban.

“Itsuwari no Forevermore” appears on two CDs — the soundtrack for Eien Densetsu (Memorial Album of the Musical 5) and, appropriately, the special CD Love Ballad Edition. It sadly never appeared at a fankan, and it was never released on any special videos.

That’s it for this week! Tune in next week for another Song of the Week. Also Happy Birthday Ami-chan!!

Ami artbook pic from Manga Style!