Song of the Week – Stars Month – 9/28/17 – “Kakyuu-Ouhi to Three Lights”

Welcome back to Song of the Week! This week marks the end of Stars Month, and for this final week I am featuring a song from Eien Densetsu and its Kaiteiban, “Kakyuu-Ouhi to Three Lights” (“Princess Kakyuu and Three Lights”).

The song is sung by Kakyuu and the Starlights (in their civilian forms) toward the beginning of the second act (Kakyuu’s appearance on the scene having closed out the first act). With the threat of Galaxia and Beryl now out in the open, Kakyuu warns the Starlights that a harsh battle awaits them, and asks for their thoughts on her plan for how they should proceed. She then lays out her plan: while she was in hiding, she became aware of a special light out in the universe, and was determined to meet it (the Japanese lyrics specifically use the term deai, which means a fated meeting). This light is the Light of Hope, and with its power they can revive their lost home planet. But to make that happen, they must join forces with Sailor Moon and help her. Seiya is all for it (then again, he’s the one member of the Starlights who seems to be up for fighting alongside the Sol Senshi…and he might also have a crush on Usagi). The more practical-minded Taiki is against it, saying that instead of remaining stuck on Earth they should return home. Yaten then joins in (in a duet with someone we don’t see, but since Taiki doesn’t seem to be singing I’d say it’s Seiya), claiming their hearts long to return, and that they don’t need the Light of Hope. Kakyuu thanks them for their thoughts, but asks them to believe in her once more, and trust in the Silver Crystal. (This seems contradictory to how the song started out though, where Kakyuu said she wanted to get their thoughts on something, since once they give their thoughts it becomes clear she’s already made a decision and wants them to abide by that decision, meaning their thoughts don’t appear to change anything).

“Kakyuu-Ouhi to Three Lights” appears on two CDs — the soundtrack for Eien Densetsu (Memorial Album of the Musical 5) and the special CD Love Ballad Edition. It never appeared at a fankan or on a special video, but Okuyama Momoko, Ono Hikari, and Yoshioka Sakoto (the original Star Healer, Star Maker and Kakyuu respectively) performed it on the third day of the 10th Anniversary Memorial Talk and Live Show, and this performance can be seen on the VHS of Ai no Sanctuary.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next week for another Song of the Week!