Song of the Week – Stars Month – 9/14/17 – “Star Hunter”

Welcome back to Song of the Week! It’s the second week of Stars Month, and this week’s feature is on the song that establishes the minions in Sailor Stars and its Kaiteiban — “Star Hunter”!

“Star Hunter” is sung by MC Fly and the Animamates (with the three Shadows and Sailor Buttress as backup) and is about their plan to cause trouble so they can steal the Sailor Senshi’s Sailor Crystals for their boss. (The fact that Sailor Crystals are mentioned grounds this story more in the manga version of Stars, although this musical is not strictly manga-based). Sailor Pewter Fox, a myu-only character, gets most of the solos, much like how she gets two verses in “It’s Chou Very Bad,” so I’m guessing she’s the leader of the Animamates here? (They report to MC Fly, of course, but someone has to lead the group when he’s not around, I suppose).

Rather interestingly, it is sung over a sort of tableau; the song begins with the Inners frozen in tableau over Chibiusa in the infirmary as the villains shuffle in and the curtain closes behind them. Then, later in the song, spotlights shine through the curtain to reveal the Three Lights and Haruka and Michiru as they are mentioned. (The Three Lights are mentioned by name; Haruka and Michiru are simply referred to as “those who could be the stars’ future” and “star eggs”). All three groups are revealed towards the end of the song when the curtain rises (appropriately it rises to the line “When the curtain rises, it will be our chance”). It’s a clever way to utilize the stage, in my opinion.

The song is mostly sung by the Animamates (and they’re the ones credited on the soundtrack as singing it), but in my opinion Kasahara Ryuuji as MC Fly really steals the show here, as he does throughout pretty much every musical he is in. You have to applaud him; his career in the musicals largely consisted of playing minor villain characters who were typically the comic relief of the musical, with the exception of his role as Tiger’s Eye in Yume Senshi and his performance as Kunzite in Gaiden Kaiteiban that we never got to see. In fact, Mochizuki Yuuta (as Evil Mamoru) lampshades this in the Final First Stage Senshuuraku. He earned that Big Bad role in his final musical (Black Sirius Scorpion/Dark Nibiru in Ai no Sanctuary) for sure. (Fun fact: “Dark Sirius Gundan,” the song that introduces Dark Nibiru and his minions in Ai no Sanctuary, takes its melody from “Star Hunter”!)

“Star Hunter” appears on two CDs — the soundtrack for Sailor Stars (Memorial Album of the Musical 4) and the special CD Dark Side Edition. It sadly never appeared at any fan events, and it never appears on any special videos.

That’s it for this week! Tune in next week for another Song of the Week!