Myu Corner is a website devoted to the Sailor Moon live musicals, or SeraMyu. I first got into said musicals in 2007. In late 2009, I decided to make a website about it. It is called Myu Corner after the common fan term “myu” (short for myujikaru, the katakana word for “musical”) and the “corners” (segments) of the fankans, like the Shitsumon (Question) Corner. For about four months, it existed as a Blogger blog with a custom domain. But, this being before Blogger let you customize your template, I became frustrated with the lack of customization options and decided to make an HTML version of the site, which launched in early 2010.

The site wasn’t super active after that. I kept it going pretty well for a few months, even creating a Facebook page and updates blog for it. I then had to stop because the stress of trying to keep even just the Song of the Week feature on schedule got to be too much. The site then lay dormant for about a year, during which time I wrote the character bios for the site, a massive enterprise that filled about one and a half notebooks and then took many hours to type up, mostly on the go using Notepad on my phone. I made some small updates early in 2012, before promptly going dormant again until September 2013, when I intended to update it to reflect the return of the musicals with La Reconquista…and then stopped working on it again.

Fast forward almost 2 years…now with the musicals’ return in full swing with 2013’s La Reconquista, 2014’s Petite Étrangère, last year’s Un Nouveau Voyage, and the new musical coming this fall, I have decided to revamp the site, and that revamp is what you are looking at now. A new layout, a new domain, and hopefully more regular updates! Myu Power, Make Up!



About Me

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Hello. My name is Reneé, alias Misty. (The alias comes from the Blogger account I originally had this site under). I am 31 years old and I live in Southern California. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Literature & Writing Studies (with a minor in French) and a Certificate of Achievement in Web Development and Design.

I was originally introduced to SeraMyu through pictures I saw on The Sailor Senshi Page, and thought it was over-the-top because of the costumes (granted, some of them are over-the-top) and refused to watch them, even though I love musicals in general (The Sound of Music is my favorite). But then, one day in June 2007, I came home after a bad day at work and decided to watch Chou Wakusei Death Vulcan no Fuuin, video of which I had downloaded for a tribute video I was making for Kawabe Chieco (I’d become a fan of her through PGSM, which I’d gotten into the year before).

And I really liked it! Since then I have seen several (but not yet all; working on that one) of the musicals, and many of the omake releases. For a while I even did SeraMyu songdubs on YouTube, inspired by my friend Comet-chan. I also briefly ran a fanlisting for SeraMyu called Singing Soldiers, but it wasn’t very popular so I got rid of it.

Today, I’m still a SeraMyu fan, as well as just a Sailor Moon fan in general (I first got into the show around 1998). I try to keep up with the fandom as much as possible. I have done some writing for fan translation group Miss Dream (some minor translation, a guide for putting their releases on Kindle, and most famously their error guides for the Kodansha USA release of the Sailor Moon and Codename Sailor V mangas; I also appeared as a guest once on their podcast ages ago) and for the fansite Family of Moonlight (a guest post and a 3-part con report). I also played Ami/Sailor Mercury in Comet-chan’s fancast of Gaiden. I’ve also been watching Sailor Moon Crystal since its debut in 2014, and been catching up on the ’90’s anime (which somehow I never saw in full all these years) via Hulu.

Besides Sailor Moon, my other interests include anime/manga in general, literature, mythology, history, film, and languages. My hobbies include reading, writing, singing, web design, and playing video games. My dream is to be a published author, something I am slowly working toward. I’d also like to travel and hone my language skills (currently I speak English fluently, French well, and Spanish and Japanese proficiently, as well as a few words here and there in other languages).

In the meantime, I’m pleased to make your acquaintance, and I hope to get to know you better in the future!

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